TV show thread


I didnt mind YOU on netflix. Dark but kept me interested


If I’m on netflix there will be a lot of swearing and boobs.


For fans of Berlin Station - the show begins its 3rd season on SBS starting Wednesday night at 10:30pm.

Forgot to give a review when I watched it but, I’ve noticed the full series of Before We Die (Swedish drama) is back available to view on SBS on Demand for a limited time (roughly a month).

It is another very well done Scandinavian crime drama with plenty of twists and turns.

The basic plot is a cop becomes involved in an investigation after her colleague and lover is abducted and later found murdered. The only clue to what case he was working on is a source - Inez -who unbeknownst to the cop, is her son.

The actor playing the son (Adam Pålsson) won Best Actor in the Swedish equivalent of the Emmys.


hahaha thats your call i suppose but none in that show


I’ve been waiting for episode 5 to come out. Great series.


Just had a look at what else they’ve got, and noticed Californication, … Better Call Saul and Breaking bad, … Friday Night Lights, and heaps more, … but most particularly, “CONDOR” , the really good SPY one I mentioned a while back is on there too, if you haven’t seen it yet.

If you’ve not seen most of that, …my Vote is Yes, … it’d be worth it.

Edit: Nurse Jackie, Orphan Black, Ray Donovan, …


Take the free month on Amazon, and watch Mrs Maisel.


Stan has recently done a big deal with Disney, so they’ve just got all the star wars stuff, heaps of Marvel stuff and all the Disney kids movies.

Plus, heaps of Showtime shows that aren’t bad at all (Get Shorty is pretty cool) and they’ve just got all the Bond films… Stan is pretty good atm.


Rewatch game of thrones


The best thing about it being 2019, is GOT is back.


You need to get a mate and have one of you sign up for stan and the other Netflix, create sub accounts and share the log in deets and you’ll have both for the price of one

There’s plenty of good stuff on stan btw, but it’s only about a third of the catalog size of Netflix


Another handy trick is to get a VPN. This can then get you access to a Netflix catalogue from another country where they may have different shows.


You mean using your Aussie account?


They’ve blocked that.


Pretty much.

I have a few people scabbing my Netflix, So I made one of them get Stan, even though they hardly use it.


redbull maybe referring to a US netflix account. Which gives you access to all regions (depending on which region you have selected via your VPN).

It’s difficult to acquire a US account, but achievable. I’ve had mine for roughly 5-6 years. I had to create a US paypal account (difficult in itself, need a CC that works in the US, and that isn’t used in you OZ paypal). Then use the US paypal account to pay for the US netflix.

Since I’ve added a bank account and removed the card (to solve any potential future credit card rejection). Done the same with Hulu.

It was great when our dollar was good, atm paying more than I would for a Oz account. That said, I do get both US and Oz catalogues.


Still a marked difference in them now?


Yea there is still. Rupert certainly has a say with what Netflix can show here.


With what he’s paid for, you mean?



He won’t be getting one cent from me.