TV show thread


Have to be a case of Netflix owned / produced content diminishing on Fuxtel now they have arced up here I’d imagine. :thinking:

They haven’t sold any new shows to Rupert since they did, surely?


Whats US Netflix have that they don’t show here?


I’ll explain how we use it from here in Singapore, using an iPad and Apple TV. We use the VPN on the iPad to select whichever country you want to browse the catalogue. We then airplay the show from the iPad through the Apple TV onto the tv.

This work around doesn’t work if you go straight into Netflix on the Apple TV.

I use the same method to access Foxtel Go which allows me to stream sport including footy.


Been watching Sunderland Til I Die on Netflix the past week or so. A great sports doco on the emotions of fans, staff, players & a city in general following their soccer team. I don’t follow the EPL or soccer in general but this series is brilliant! The emotions that we’re all feeling with EFC, so present throughout. Thoroughly enjoying it so far.


Their fans reactions are next level though but as you watch the series, there’s a bit of light shed on why.


I think they needed to build the character and story of the cop, It was a bit of a surprise to find the link to who he was and where he fitted into the story, I thought that was clever, I was expecting this cop was the one who confronted them on the run, so his link was surprising and well done, the other story in that show was very gruesome. It was well done how it changed perception of who they all were. Most prison escape shows make the escapees look like heroes, or made them look clever at the very least, which is where I think this was heading, despite them not being at all likeable. Then the twist just made them look utterly horrible and made you cheer for what came next


I thought you just needed a VPN


For which bit are you referring? The account creation (US netflix/Paypal)? Or the account switching?

If for the latter, I personally don’t know as I don’t have a Oz account to verify the blocking. But I have heard that is the case from a number of people. HAP included.


I have Stan for better call saul, breaking bad, and seinfeld, They are my non negotiable. Started watching bloom, but not really into it. I like Bryan Brown, even though hes the most wooden actor we have ever had, He plays a good tough guy, and that is his pigeon hole as far as Im concerned. He doesnt work in this show. Jakie Weaver also good but playing a spaced out dementia patient is a waste of her talent, My mum could do that, even though shes fit and healthy.
Aussie drama series are pretty ■■■■ IMO, usually over acted and stories are too contrived and crammed in, Way to try hard


I used a VPN service that worked, you could go in and change country on a website, but could only work using a browser version of netflix. To me that takes the convenience of just flicking something off my phone to the telly using chromecast.
I cant be bothered with all the rooting around anymore, I surrender, Rupert is a ■■■■


There is more than enough content to view without all that stuffing around.


True, however all the stuffing around happened before Netflix Oz was even a thing, let alone stan or prime. So it was definitely worth the hassle at the time to get US Netflix and Hulu.

Since then have added HBO, Showtime, FX, AMC, Comedy Central, all the Discovery’s, ESPNs, to be fair it’d be easier to say what I don’t have these days. Recently added Amazon Prime. With a VPN you can access Prime’s US catalogue.

Yes, I watch far too much TV.


I put pime on then ditched italmost straight away when I realized they were deliberately not doing chromecast



Is “You” netflix’s best ever original show?


Big call. First season House of Cards was damn good, all Spacey sh*t aside.

That being said, I am two episodes into You, and it is certainly a contender at this stage.


I really like it, has the early Dexter season’s feel to it. The Mrs put it on and I thought it was a rom com until it went on.


Not to ruin anything but from what I’ve read it sounds like it should’ve been a mini series, and the female character is painful. Off the top of my head F is for Family, Ozark, Bojack Horseman. At least I think they’re NF original. I’ll give You a go but it sounds like trash with lipstick.


Glow is pretty good too.


Anyone seen Titans?

Worth watching?

Looks quality.


Started rewatching The Sheild
Such a massively underrated awesome series