TV show thread


It’s not a Netflix original. Lifetime produced it and screened it in the US before it became available internationally on Netflix.

There’s going to be a second series I think and that might be a Netflix original in conjunction with Lifetime


I think it’s truly awful on almost all levels


It’s so bad. So so bad.

Oh look, another show about a charming psycho dude murdering women. I’ve never seen this concept on a screen before, apart from you know, every other fkn show on television


Agreed. Watched first few eps.
Ended up ■■■■■■ off at how he could just stand out the front of her apartment stalking her without anyone noticing.
Couldn’t get past ep 3.


Mrs. hambo warned me off it but then she has extremely high standards.


How far did you get?


Idk the monologue hooked me.


I went through the whole lot, mainly because the better half wanted to


I saw the whole thing and was just rolling my eyes at the plot holes and predictability.

I could never recommend it or list it as a best of anything - but also understand different tastes


Well then I guess we finally disagree on a TV show!

I thought it was pretty damn good, certainly from a writing perspective. It wasn’t as dark of a show as the premise made it out to be, but also… It was still dark as fark.

It had an absurdist feel to it, and it had quite a few layers to the story that I thought were clever.

Unsatisfying ending though, and it’s not the best ‘netflix original’ even though it wasn’t actually a Netflix original. (How did we leave Stranger Things out of that conversation?)


Scifis for nerds.

To enhance your viewing pleasure imagine becks is guelfi and joe is donnington.


I also have an ex named Bec, and an ex named Candice. Which freaked me out a little…


Yes mark it down! First time ever we have disagreed.

Look it wasn’t terrible, and I totally agree with many of the virtues you describe. For me though, it was just another story of a psycho man murdering women, and I just feel like TV is awash with those stories.

In particular (spoiler) did we need to devote the entire last episode to the girls psychological torture and murder? Was that really necessary?

When is Mr Robot back on anyway?!


You realise he was just Elliott with a worse upbringing?

The last episode was disappointing. It had done so well avoiding becoming ‘just another show about a nutcase killing women’ in my opinion, and then it just leaned right into the cliche at the end. I didn’t like that, and he got away far too clean.


Critics Choice awards on today.

Rachel Brosnahan and Alex Borstein won Best Actress and Supporting Actress in a comedy series for The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.


No Wellicks hot wife = bad show


She Robot



Looks like Miranda Kerr with a blonde wig.


Yeah, it’s the original Real Humans from Sweden. She’s a hot bot. Her role in Mr. Robot isn’t much of a leap


Series 3 of True Detective started today - 2 episodes.

Stars Mahershala Ali who’s in everything but a turd sandwich these days…and that’s only because he doesn’t like bread.