TV show thread


On the screen or…??


Finished Sharp Objects last night.

I thought it was brilliant.


Been meaning to watch that.

Is it on Netflix?


I personally downloaded it but apparently it is available on Foxtel.

Not Netflix.


If that was the one with Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson, I just couldn’t get into it.

I’ve had enough of those melancholic southern dramas.

If Paul Newman isn’t in them, I ain’t watching.


It was very good, standout actor was the young Australian girl. Stole every scene from under Adams and Clarkson.


Any good? I’m a bit gun shy after the train wreck of season 2.

Even season 1 I think was a bit over rated for what it was. The story wasn’t particularly original and the ending was a bit meh. Brilliant cinematography and great performances from the two leading actors covered over a lot of cracks.

In Season 2 all those cracks were a lot more visible and it had a worse story. I struggled to get to the end of it.


Halfway through ep 1 so bit early to tell.

Hanging out for the next ep of Berlin Station. This series has been a bit of a slow burn…Russia trying to cause havoc in Estonia to get them back into the fold.

Ashley Judd is just back in…and Rhys Ifans too.


Has anyone watched a series called Norsemen?? Set in Vikings time and is a comedy I hear!!!


Have seen both seasons, definitely worth a watch. Light hearted absurdity, very enjoyable


Norsemen is ok if your into the vikings theme, bit of a joke really, not serious stuff at all.
Not a scratch on Last Kingdom or Vikings, but it is watchable.


It’s absolutely a comedy, and a pretty good one if you like absurd stuff


David Attenboroughs dynasties is a 100% recommendation. My favourite of his series.


Better than American Horror Story?


I personally never got into AHS apart from the first season so I couldn’t really tell you.

I’d say yes but I’d be biased :joy:


Sex Education (netflix) was good
wasnt keen on watching it to begin with, but have now finished the whole season.


Few shows I’ve watched (or tried to watch) recently:

Escape at Dannemora - agree with others. Acting, cinematography and music all fantastic. It just felt like a movie stretched out over (what felt like) 10 hours.

You - awful. Lasted 40 minutes.

Sex Education - hadn’t seen it mentioned until the above post. Fantastic. Someone mentioned to me that it was similar to Skins (which is high praise as far as I am concerned) - which it is in the sense that it is a show about schoolkids in the UK and that most of the characters are excellent (and many likable). Very unique though. I thought the continued focus on sex would wear thin but it hasn’t really. Gillian Anderson (yep, X files) is great.

I’ll also throw in another suggestion for people to watch La Casa de Papel / Money Heist on Netflix - you won’t regret it.


I really liked skins. Probably why I liked it sex ed. If I had heard that it was similar to skins i definitely would have watched it earlier.

Its great to get recommendations on here for netflix


Anyone got some stan recommendations? except dannamora that was boring as ■■■■.


Condor’s probably the best show I’ve seen on Stan.