TV show thread


Billions if you haven’t already.

Get shorty is surprisingly decent.


Monty Python’s Flying Circus is coming to SBS Viceland Friday Nights starting this week. :+1:


I think I’ve got every show on DVD, every compilation, every movie, every documentary. Maybe not all the docos.



So on Media watch last night, Barry went on about Neins MAFS show, saying it was the most popular show on telly, and had single handedly saved Neins bacon.

Just channel surfed upon it and thought righto, … watched about a minute.

What the farkin hell is wrong with this Country??

The fact this is even a thing makes me very sad. :frowning_face:


Sadly, I’ve helped make it a ratings winner by watching it. I have no idea why tbh.


Humanity doesn’t deserve to survive climate change watching that ■■■■.


Just realised it’s on at 7.30 Primetime.

I hope to hell parents aren’t letting their kids, - especially young daughters watch based on what I heard in that 60 seconds.

Hard to believe it gets on before the cut off really.


the fark are people still watching fta


It is a disgrace. In fact reality tv period is a blight on humanity. Years from now people will look back and just shake their heads and say what were they thinking.

I barely watch TV now, other than the sbs food channel (when its not reality TV) and the news. Occasionally abc has a good show as well. Netflix and Stan have what I need, or ABC iview.

Oh and also something called AFL which will start soon. Although I prefer watching that on the AFL live app.


Where do we get celebrities from if not manufacturing a dozen or so every one of these shows.

People watching this tripe should be struck off the electoral roll.

As i sit here watching Vegan Week on Great British Bake Off, to be followed by 8 out of 10 Cats Do Countdown.



If not for those Channels, I doubt I’d have an antenna.


Add in SBS On Demand which seems(to me, anyway) to have a heap of other shows and movies not originally shown on the other SBS channels.

I’ve just started watching a Canadian series, Mary Kills People, about a doctor providing illegal voluntary euthanasia being chased by the police.

3 eps in…not bad.

SBSOD are slow putting the last ep of Series 3 of Berlin Station up, seeing torrents came down yesterday and they don’t have to do many English subtitles. Original cut would have had German, Estonian and Russian dialogue already subtitled.


They are the same people who post comments on Essendon articles on the News websites.


I’ve always wondered why members of the actors guild and other related unions haven’t picketed network studios that allow these scab workers that take their jobs.

Thats essentially what these reality people are, scabs. No talent, no experience, paid peanuts, taking valuable stage time off actual unionised skilled actors, screenwriters, directors, etc etc etc.

I can’t wait for the day to see the latest fat uninformed couch-riding, wine sipping slob, mouth off to their tv while a molotov cocktail thrown by Sigrid Thornton smashes through their window. That’s a googlebox episode i’d watch.


Actors are generally busy with other stuff like scraping a living. Artists don’t have much in the way of resources let alone organisation, let alone any public sympathy. Back to tv of quality, just watched a 6 part Spanish series set in Seville amid plague and inquisition, very well put together murder investigation with a damaged Protestant printer as the lead and some excellent atmosphere. They’ve taken the Scandi blueprint and set it in the walls of an old city. A friend in Germany sent it to me, not sure where it’d be otherwise but the kind of thing SBS eats up. “The Plague” or “La Peste”


I started this one, but put it away for other preferences. It’s on my Continue Watching list on SBSOD.


Definitely worth it. Slow burn but nails the utter grimness, claustrophobia, heat and rot that is organised religion…I mean plague.


And for me, Seville (and Andalusia) is the real Spain.

I’ll be in Melbourne for a few days in March around Labour Day, and I see Yo, Carmen is on at Hamer Hall. Except after an Essendon Geelong game, the music from Carmen is great. A real flamenco show.

And note that Yo means I in Spanish, not Hi.


Finally finished dynasties. The tiger one wa horrendous. Terribly cut episode.

Do yourselves a favour and watch the one on the painted wolves.