TV show thread


The soundtrack is awesome as well
The Umbrella Academy , wow great season. Sort of expecting a typical superhero season, it is what Hero’s should of been. Great story line and had a definite ending, characters are fantastic and wants me wanting to know more.

“I just did a Patrick Swayze”

I couldn’t stop watching and did the first season in two nights.

Five stars here


How freaking tank is Dikon?


I Am the Night. Pretty great series with Chris Pine. Great atmosphere, post war LA, creepy noir. Think Black Dahlia, Chinatown, LA Confidential, True Detective. And the story is based on actual events. They spent some money too, looks and sounds fantastic.


The horror?


The really big dude. He played Dickon Tarly in The Game of Thrones. I’m pretty sure there’s no spoiler here:


Luther, moon man[quote=“hambo, post:5086, topic:125, full:true”]
The really big dude. He played Dickon Tarly in The Game of Thrones. I’m pretty sure there’s no spoiler here:



Also from the very excellent Black Sails


Anyone watched Counterpart and if so is it worth it?


Two answers, yes Black Sails is great, definitely worth persisting through patchy first season. And ditto Counterpart but it’s solid from go to whoa. Loving Patriot at the moment. And a new YouTube Exclusive, Wayne looks pretty good.


The new Legends of Monkey on Netflix
Made in Australia.
Surprisingly good. Better than the original series.

“Monkey Magic” for those who remember the old series




Russian Doll.

Gets a great rating on IMDB.
Just managed to get through the first ep as found it hard to warm to the main character. Second ep was better and now interested to see where it goes.


re watch the old Monkey now.
It wasnt bad for its time, but looks very poor now.


Wasn’t there a Tom Cruise film that used that basic theme? Edge of Oblivion?

And Source Code?


Edge of Tomorrow. It is a great film.

About Time with Bill Nighy is similar.


Cracker. Didn’t do well sadly. Conjecture that had the H’wood farksticks not ■■■■■■ their pants and went instead with the title of the Japanese novel it was based on it would’ve done better. Have to agree, it’s top notch - “All You Need Is Kill”


I’m not far enough into it to see what it’s similar to - but has been criticised as ripping off Groundhog Day.


Love Death and Robots on Netflix. Short animated stories. Totally amazing. I wouldn’t read anything about it, just watch it. Stand alone episodes under 20 mins long. Not for the faint of heart.


Might have to check that one out.

Anything that has David Fincher involved has to be worth seeing.


Cardinal on SBS On Demand is a good Canadian police show.

Stars Billy Campbell (The Rocketeer and The Killing) and Karine Vanasse (Pan Am and Revenge) finally playing a Quebecoise (which she is) rather than a Frenchwoman.