TV show thread



This partly belongs in the Podcasts thread, but HBO have started a series based on the Serial podcast. The show is called The Case Against Adnan Syed.

One episode so far.


Have watched. It’s excellent. The one with the yogurt is bonkers


Yeah, certainly some creative minds out there! Glad you enjoyed it



On SBS Sunday 7 April and 3 following Sundays.


New Seasons of The Good Fight and Killing Eve on the way over the next few weeks. :+1:


Anyone ever seen Fleabag? I’ve watched 4 eps, a smidge similar to You’re the Worst in its cynical attitudes.



I’ll watch the next season.




Rainy old day today, so I’ll get back to it shortly.

I’ve also been watching Traitors, set in the British Cabinet Office in the immediate post-war years. Emma Appleton is spying for the Yanks, led by Michael Stuhlbarg, and Keeley Hawes is spying for the Russians. Not sure I’d recommend it.

And finished the Canadian police series, Cardinal. Well…not finished, but up-to-date.

You’re the Worst is a warped old series, but I can’t help myself.


There’s another version of The Bridge, this time on the German/Austrian border.

Called Pagan Peak (Der Pass), it starts with the discovery of a people smuggler hunched, frozen, over a stone border marker in the Alps.

Ellie Stocker, from Berchtesgaden, near Munich (site of Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest) is the German cop, and Winter, the unmade bed of an Austrian cop from Salzburg.


Successor to The ■■■■■ in Apartment 23. Is great.


If you like that, try the English show Fleabag.


Brockmire and Barry are back.


Project blue book was alright for any x files fans.


Opinions on Killing Eve please.


Good weird.

Stretched premise, … but pulled off well by the 2 leads.


Nearly finished Pagan Peak, the German/Austrian version of The Bridge. Pretty good.

Started I Know Who You Are (Sé Quien Eres) about a Spanish lawyer who has amnesia after a car crash, in which his niece disappears and he’s charged with her murder. Set in Barcelona but all of the dialogue is in Spanish (Castellano), which is a bit funny considering so many signs and street signs are monolingual- in Catalan.


Yep they are two of my favourites