TV show thread


Season 2 starts today.



Watched both multiple times.

Bill Nighy for mine is amazing in About Time.


Yep. :slightly_smiling_face:


New series of Bosch weekend after next. Shows on Amazon Prime in the US but SBS have bought the rights here and hold them over for about six months.

Torrents…here we come!


Loved Barry, hope the good work continues, S2 ep1 was a reasonable start.


New series of the British crime series Line of Duty has just started (2 eps in).

Follows on indirectly from the brilliant series 4.

It’s written by the creator of Bodyguard starring Keeley Hawes and Rob Madden.

Finished Pagan Peak, the German/Austrian adaptation of The Bridge. Satisfying.


Killing Eve resumes with 2 episodes on April 19, which is Good Friday, I believe.

Ep 1 is available on iView now.


On the back of Flying Circus being shown on SBS, I was reminded of and talking about this series with a mate the other day, so went looking for it. Gotta love UToob sometimes.

Holds up surprisingly well, and could easily be assumed to be satirising things afoot in World Politics anytime over the past decade.

The more things change, …


Can you PM me the details where you were able to watch Pagan Peak?


SBS on Demand

Nothing to be shy about.


Unless you’re a liberal politician


You mean The Pass?
Worst translation of all time, cause even with my basic deutsch, there is no way that Der Pass = Pagan Peak


Yeah, yeah, I know. I think I commented on that when I first mentioned the show.

On the other hand, Sé Quien Eres translates exactly into I Know Who You Are.


Torrents won’t be needed this year as things have changed - Amazon Prime apparently now has first air rights here now and it’ll be available in line with the US.

Not sure whether SBS have kept FTA rights, although given it seemed there was an exclusivity period built into the SBS contract, albeit weirdly without any usage, it is possible.


Whacko! Ta!


No Better Call Saul this year



After a slow and mediocre season last year, and now a year off…

This show is gonna struggle to stay relevant.

Hopefully they are just taking the time to write a killer finale.


Slow and mediocre? Geez that’s harsh, I thought it was another solid season.


Last season was a big drop off IMO, but it’s dropping off from a damn high standard, so mediocre is probably a bit harsh.

Funnily enough, as annoying as Chuck was, the show really missed him.


Yeah, Chuck was definitely missed. I’m hanging on to find out what happens to Kim, pretty sure the show only has 1 or two more seasons.