TV show thread


Bit of a long shot but doesn’t anyone have the full episodes of The Late Show? The Australian one that is.


I think I have the DVD set of all the D Gen shows somewhere, I think the Late Show is in it.

Not sure I have any clue where they are, but I’ll see if I can find them later.

Edit: :thinking: Ahh, nah, I’m thinking of something else. Whatever I’ve got will be on VHS.


Nope. Got the best bits box set though.

Champagne comedy!


In a box somewhere in my garage is some VHS tapes with every episode of the Late show.

That’s not much use here I realise.

I do have the full series of The Olden Days and Bargearse on DVD though.


Disagree. Last season laid so many eggs. Jimmy was held back by Chuck and without him the character of Jimmy really started to evolve. The fact you know the ending, ie who Saul is and what the lab looks like, makes Better Call Saul arguably as clever if not more than Breaking Bad. The way it connects the dots makes it an amazing show for mind.


I’m only up to season five of Sons of Anarchy, but Gemma Teller/Katey Segal is by far and away THE most annoying TV character I have ever seen. I have to fast forward when she’s on the screen, she’s the worst.


Could not agree more. I didn’t get past Season 3 because of it.


She’s is absolutely the worst thing I’ve seen on TV


I’m watching season 5 at the moment as well. You have hit the nail on the head.


There’s so many annoying characters, though. She fits right in.

It’s basically Opie, Jooce and a heap of annoying characters.


True, I’m just watching it now to see how it all ends but realise I hate pretty much all of them.

Tig makes me laugh.


Halfway through Delhi Crime from Netflix. It’s about that young woman who was brutally raped on a Delhi bus a couple of years ago who later died from the horrific injuries inflicted upon her.
Very tough but compelling viewing.

Plenty of torrents available to download this series.


I can’t recall who it was but Dark on Netflix was recommended by someone around Blitz. It was very enjoyable.


For anyone into running, should have a look at the Barkley marathon on Netflix.
not a bad documentary.
basically event is limited to 40 people who enter a race for $1.60 and run as far as they can in 60 hours on a 20 mile loop over rough terrain.
if you finish 3 loops you have finished the fun run.
But you need to finish 5 loops to finish the race. And on the last lap they send each runner a different way so they can’t work together.


Started watching the netflix original Swedish tv series Quicksand lastnight.

It is based on the Swedish novel “Störst av allt” by Malin Persson Giolito.

Without giving to much away it is a crime thriller/mystery in a similar vein to The Sinner.

It is well acted by mostly teens and is very suspenseful.

Not quite as good as The Sinner but still well worth a look.


Anyone seen the Julia Roberts vehicle Homecoming?

She works at a private enterprise facility designed to prepare returning servicemen for civilian life…or so she thinks.

Four years later, she’s being questioned by a DoD investigator as to what went on, but she remembers none of it.

Also stars Bobby Cannavale and Shea Whigham from Boardwalk Empire, and Sissy Spacek as her mum.

10 half-hour episodes on Amazon Prime.

Also been watching Sneaky Pete as a conman who takes over his cellmate’s identity to avoid some bad guys back in New York. Stars Giovanni Ribisi as the con and Bryan Cranston as the guy he ripped off.




3 episodes to go. Raining outside, so ■■■■ about to be parked.


Sneaky Pete is pretty good, not quite compelling but has its own thing and great cast. It probably hinges on whether you find Ribisi appealing or like an overbaked kind of rat man. Or somewhere in between which is where I’m at. Think it’s produced by Cranston too.


I’m not sure what the Asian lady was doing at the end, after interviewing Colin.