TV show thread


Enjoying second season of Tin Star. Tim Roth, strange and a bit far fetched but I don’t mind. Set in Canadian boonies, worth a look.


Just started watching a show called parks and recreation. Very entertaining stuff, just started the 2nd season.the guy with the moustache ( Ron I think) cracks me up


This. Shut it down about 4 eps in, . maybe 3.

A couple of events were just too ridiculous to get past.


Wow! Talk about your latecomers. :anguished: Enjoy. It’s a very good show,

Ron Swanson is now legendary.


I dropped out an episode or two earlier than you.


A friend of mine recommended it after I said I liked Brooklyn Nine Nine, very glad she did


Not sure they knew what kind of show they were making, or do even now, but it rewards persistence. Bonkers black comedy that never lets you know what the real deal is. Part Fargo, little bit of In Bruges, not as good as either but I’ll take it over another ■■■■■■ Scandi noir or the countless US UK versions of.


If they get another series or two, Lindsay won’t be able to stand up.

She was never remotely flat-chested, but they’re ■■■■■■■ huge now. The cleavage is definitely somewhere for the Mormons to park their bikes.


Here you go Noonan:

Auditions: Mastermind

April 18th, 2019 By David Knox

New SBS quiz show Mastermind has renewed a call or contenders, after debuting on air this week.

A casting notice asks, “Do you have what it takes to sit under the spotlight while your general knowledge and speciality topic are tested? We want people who are passionate about their subject and have a good level of general knowledge.”

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of applying.


What do you reckon…EFC from 1959 to 2019?

There are some very specific, narrow subject…I’ve started, so I’ll finish…matters there.

Anyway, I’d rather the real show, Hard Quiz. Being ridiculed by Tom Gleeson is my life’s ambition.

I do fancy myself against the general knowledge of all the contestants so far.


Released on Friday in the US.

Still not available here yet. I’m impatient.



Per that post above, the guy who runs that blog, who is very reliable, said he was specifically sent that information by an Amazon rep, yet others say they’ve been in contact with Amazon who told them it isn’t available in Australia.

He says he’ll follow up with them this week - it wouldn’t be smart long-term PR to send out a press release to a TV blogger claiming something to potentially drive new subscribers, if they can’t deliver.


Maybe they’re still doing the closed captioning…long weekend and all.

But as I said…i’m Impatient.


I’m still not convinced it’s not a show about a washing machine


Once you stop being so agitated about it, you’ll tumble to what it’s about and it won’t deter gents like you from watching.

Just rinse and repeat, and don’t listen to the spin.


It’s up. I’ll give your mate the benefit of a very substantial doubt, @Dunlop.


Now they can get their collective rear ends into gear, and put Fleabag Series 2 up.

Edit Wednesday…

It was up yesterday. ‘This video is currently unavailable ‘ today. WTFF, Dunlop?


Sweet Jesus has anyone watched the new Chris Lilley series “lunatics”, it was sort of like a car wreck for me and had to keep watching, not sure what I was feeling when watching, sort of laughed then felt WTF.

Is it so bad that its good?!?! ■■■■■■■■ cash registers, sending dogs to get sex changes, flying black ■■■■■■, I just don’t know??


Barry. The end of that last ep just made me laugh out loud. This show is a complete mindfark.


Yep. Didn’t see that coming. Is in high demand the ol’ Bazza, … :laughing: