TV show thread


Just finished what turned out to be just series 1 of HANNA.

Got a little drudgy around the middle, but otherwise was pretty good.

Could actually leave it as is, but will be worth having another look when series 2 drops.


Still unavailable.

Get onto your mate again, @Dunlop.


Easily in my top 10 favourite shows ever, enjoy!


I’m almost up to date with Killing Eve. It’s fairly entertaining.


Just came in to post how much I’ve enjoyed the first 2 eps of Season 2.

Had some hearty chuckles. This show knows how to take the pizz out of itself better than any that easily springs to mind.

Really enjoying it.


The first season I took a couple of episodes to get into the comedy/drama battle. I wasn’t sure which way it was going. It turns out it can do both comfortably.


Anyone else here watched Castle Rock? Thoughts?


I know I’m 15 years behind the times, but we just watched The Wire.



You are well behind the times.

Best series ever made in my opinion.

Did you watch all seasons?


Definitely in my top 3.


yep - all. Very realistic, and gave both drama as well as humour. Excellent characters. The whole thing was very well done.

I’m now reading up on David Simon, the creator and writer.


Omar Little is awesome.

So many great characters.


Also in my top 5 TV drama series, ever.


You’re not alone. I just watched the whole thing at last a few months back too.


I got sidetracked midway through Series 2. Haven’t got back to it…

And I’m getting to the interesting part of I Know Who You Are now. Five eps to go after finishing this one.


I couldn’t get into it!


Yeah I’m in the same boat. Maybe Season 2 is the lessor of the series?

Funny thing is that when I see it pop up on Foxtel I don’t watch a random episode as I don’t want to spoil it just in case I start watching again.


This is a quote from an article about the writer, David Simon. It’s true what he says, those early episodes in a season you are trying really hard to keep up and work out where this is going, and then… BANG… you are locked in and onboard for the ride.

"Rafael Alvarez, a former Sun reporter whom Simon hired to write for the show, said, “You know how, in a Russian novel, the reader does the work for the first hundred pages, and then it turns and you’re lost in it? With ‘The Wire,’ it might be Episode 6 before it turns and you’re in.”


When they’re in the truck talking about the fuel gauge made me LMAO