TV show thread


Up to episode 6 at the moment.

Just ok for mine.

Maybe the payoff will be worth it.


I’ve been watching the wire for the first time recently too. I just finished season 4 last week. Haven’t started the final season yet.


Just discovered Trailer park Boys on netflix and I am loving it.


Is season 2 the one at the docks? Easily the worst season.


Respectfully, David Simon can foad for what he did to Dukie at the end of the series.


Came across this a few years ago when the house I moved into had a poster left on a wall, intriguing. Very funny when it’s at its best and just dumb funny otherwise. Highly recommend.


Where’s the boy, String?


Pretty sure I saw the first 7-8 episodes.


Are we talking the old Canadian one, or the new Cartoon one?


Canadian one. I haven’t watched the cartoon one yet.


In that case I suggest you also keep away from Russian novels.


I tried the cartoon, had a few moments but to be honest I moved past the show a while ago. It’s definitely got a couple of great seasons in it though. Canadian trailer trash is the best kind


I finished it the other day.

I thought it was great except for like 2 out of the 3 last episodes where it went a bit too Stephen King-ey.

Be interesting to see if season 2 carries on with the same plot or not.


Pathos mate, … pathos.

I thought it resonated with the whole seiries theme, and pretty much mirrored reality.


Cobra Kai

Karate kid rebooted

Get amongst it


Been working through some computer issues - here’s your update:

Bottom line: VPN, torrents or move to New Zealand for a few months.


Amazon Prime is on my TV (LG OLED from early 2018). Can I run a VPN on my TV? I have a VPN on my computer.


talk to @bugman5 when he returns from holiday!


I know I’m in the minority but I love that season. It’s the one that makes all the others (including the first) make sense.


Laptop? (Not that that matters maybe?? :thinking:) but if you also have a chromecast or HDMI running from puter to TV, you’re in business.