TV show thread


I have an iMac (recent) which is connected through Ethernet
Movies/programs are loaded into iTunes
Apple TV connected through wifi to both the iMac (iTunes) and to the internet
Apple TV connected through HDMI to the TV
There is a Prime Video active app on both the TV and Apple TV. Ditto all the standard apps like SBS On Demand, ABC iView.
I don’t have Netflix. SBS On Demand keeps me busy enough. I do have Amazon Prime Video ($7 a month)
Regrettably this year, app no longer works on LG OS, so I have to watch baseball through the Apple TV box.
The Apple TV is the version before the 4K version.
I don’t have a laptop (except the old man’s 5 year old Dell) which I’ll dispose of once his estate is finally cleared - certainly after tax time this year. It won’t be going near the TV. It’s pretty crap. I just have no need for a laptop.

There may well be, i.e. there is but don’t ask questions, a copy of Bosch Series 5 on iTunes…so it’s not important from a “watching it” POV, but that was only done after Amazon pulled the series.

PS the TV and the computer are in different rooms.


You should, your TV will connect via wifi. You can go into your wifi settings setup and manually enter in your VPN ip address. Sorted!


You lost me after you wrote Apple.

PM’d a possible solution to your dilemma though.


Ta…but I used a torrent to get it all. Converted to mp4, loaded to iTunes and have it available. It all downloaded very quickly at 720p (45mbps download speed).

There’s rarely sufficient urgency that i need to start watching before it finishes downloading.

For instance, GOT comes down starting at 11am. I don’t think i’ve started watching before 5pm. Unless it’s live sport, I don’t turn the TV on before 5pm.

And I don’t think i can ever go back to Windows. I just grew to hate it, and osX walks all over it.

With Bosch, I would have just been happy to watch it thru Amazon’s app, but if they take our money and then hold it up, then farkem.

If it weren’t for Mrs Maisel, I’d scrub them.


I used to do this years ago, however I found that so many times the converting to mp4/m4v would cause frame drops, at times pixelation and general issues with surround sound converting. Also films with subtitles were a problem as the subs would sometimes not convert over or be out of sync.

Years of frustraition,then I found Plex. Install plex on your mac and apple tv and use that for your movies rather than the god awful itunes. Its free, you never need to convert the file. All you need to make sure is that the files are named properly e.g. “Aliens (1986)”, “Game of Thrones S02E05.” and plex will display perfect meta data for you. You’ll literaly just download the file, rename it is need be and drag it into the relevant folder. Done, no converting, no imputing meta data, no finding subs.

You’re welcome!


Or just get a real Computer / Laptop that you actually own and can choose to do and use whatever you want with and a chromecast and do none of that.

You’re so way more welcome.


Kodi is the only way to go if you have good internet.


if someones banging on about about a ‘real’ computer, they better be talking some non-graphical interface because everything else is telemetry and data collecting.


Thanks for all the advice, but I’ve been doing this for 10-15 years.

I just wondered if I could get a VPN’ed Amazon Prime NZ feed direct to my TV.

I haven’t had any problems with converting to iTunes format, nor with iTunes.

I believe iTunes has issues in the Windows version, but it’s written natively for Mac and works fine.


Again, JICYMI, yes you can. :smirk:


Honestly can’t work out why people bother with so called “Smart TV"s” (So many reports of them being extremely stupid) It’s all u need, and is a thousand times smarter, … and quicker, … and simpler.


Plex is great.
So is Infuse - which transcodes at the source.
Both have a great ATV app.
Saves doing any type of conversion.
Just acquire, name and drop into your folder.
Can start watching on TV and then finish watching on any other number of devices.


Decisions, decisions…Game of Thrones or final eps of Line of Duty s5 or Sé Quien Eres…

Good series unless you’re a lawyer. They don’t get shown in a nice light.

All three shows are 80 odd minutes and I’m opting for Line of Duty…Anna Maxwell Martin from Bleak House and the Bletchley Circle has popped up as an anti-corruption superintendent.


Yep. Mac mini and kodi


Did the latest ep of Killing Eve kinda jump the shark?

( JTBC, … The one coming up this w/end on ABC )


Finished the whole series of parks and recreation. One of the funniest shows I have ever seen.

Also the best series finale I have seen. Absolutely perfect.

Ron Swanson is up there with George Constanza as one of my all time favourite tv characters


Finally onto the original The Bridge.

Looks like the first American/Mexican series was pretty much a direct translation. Not really the case with the German/Austrian version.

Does anyone know how close the Danish and Swedish, and for that matter Norwegian, languages are?

There’s still a Russian version to make its way here…that’ll make five.


Just a quick heads up that season 3 of Brockmire is under way. I haven’t had the chance to start watching it yet, but it’s about 5 episdoes in at the moment.


I generally can’t stand reality tv shows, but my 11yo son and I have been watching Lego Masters. They have been doing some pretty cool stuff so far, and who doesn’t love Lego?


I missed season 2, and watched the first couple of season 3. I’ve now dropped it. Just a bit too crass for my current tastes.


I usually like to take my time