TV show thread


Enjoying it. One of the better shows out there for mine.


Yikes, I never thought there could be a show too crass for you.


Have you ever wondered why I never watch Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell movies any more?

Used to…ten years or more ago…but no longer!


You’re mellowing in your dotage.


Same, this is such a good show. Such a simple idea you wonder why it hadn’t been thought of before.


How good would it be to have a room that is just wall to wall Lego of every different type?


As long as it’s not on the floor, and you’re in your bare feet.


If you walk around in bare feet in my Lego room then I have no sympathy for you.


My kids have requested such a room when we knock down rebuild.


KODI seemed to ■■■■ itself 8 months ago for me, maybe i just never kept up with all the new playforms to watch.


Too much effort, one stops working you have to find the new streaming add on, then that doesn’t work after a while, and some of the stream quality is crap. I gave up on it and surrendered to just doing Stan, Netflix and Foxtel. Quality is consistent and reliable. ■■■■■■ expensive but


Same, I’m watching it with my wife and both my kids, honestly I can’t think of a tv show we have all watched together before, best bit I’d the kids run off to their rooms afterwards to build.

Great show. Shame it’s over, can’t wait for the next series.


No spoilers! We’ve been recording it and only just finished the bridge build episode.


Jacqueline Obradors makes a welcome return to police dramas in Bosch, after a long stint in NYPD Blue which finished quite a few years back.

She’s 52 now, but still hot!


Catch-22 looks good


Fleabag has resumed in rip-roaring style.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge (creator and star) also created the series Killing Eve, and wrote much of the first series. Adapted from a book by someone Jennings.

Fleabag is a real squirmer.


Yep Series 2 was good.

All over though apparently. Waller busy having other successes (Eve) and opportunities.

Seeya FleaBag, … it’s been real.


I don’t think she’s involved with Eve any more.

Has anyone heard Jodie Comer (Villanelle) speaking in her real voice? Unintelligible to Yanks as she’s a real scouser.

Poms often cut these series earlier than Yanks…usually to their eternal benefit. If How I Met Your Mother was English, it would have been over in 2 series.


If Kate Miller-Heidke can’t win Eurovision and just scrapes into the top 10 (after being touted as top 4), then we might as well just not go.

The comp is rigged. Germany got 0 votes from public.


Voting can certainly appear weird at times but no votes for Germany just means no country had them in their top 10. That’s not as strange as Israel and the chicken song winning last year.