TV show thread


I am interested in seeing it, and will reserve judgement on the inevitable comparison with the original which was brilliant from woe to go. One of the things which made the first version so good, was the depth of the cast, it was sensational. hope they don’t rely on Clooney to carry this entire movie, it is a big ask of anyone.


It’s a series, not a movie.


Clooney also is not a main focus character


Just finished watching the first episode of the new HBO mini-series Chernobyl.

Couldn’t recommend highly enough.


The voting is the best part of Eurovision: e.g. Greece and Cyprus giving each other 12 points. And yes, that’s why we’ll never win.

In this case Sweden getting a huge popular vote crippled Norway, given they’re part of the same voting bloc.


Have watched all 3 episodes of Chernobyl so far. Really enjoying it - although I have found identifying some of the characters a little difficult given their Russian names and similar appearances. Fortunately this doesn’t distract from the story or the show.

Also it has become even more apparent where the AFL has taken its values from. The USSR communist party and their self congratulating nature is oh so AFLish. We can’t do anything wrong even when a nuclear power plant goes nuclear and threatens to kill many of our own people and a large number of our neighbouring country’s populations. I assume Gorbachev is one of Gill’s hero’s.


Clooney directs catch-22 doesn’t he?

Not a fan of clooney’s directorial work, he’s a poor mans cohen brothers




Barry S2 episode 7 and 8 FARK!


Someone mentioned the heist movie La Casa De Papel on Netflix a while back. The same makers have got a series on SBS On Demand called The Pier (El Embarcadero) that I have one episode (of 8) to go.

A successful Valencia architect, Alejandra, is informed that her husband, Oscar (one of the stars of :a Casa) has committed suicide on a pier in the Albufera, a wetlands reserve just south of Valencia. In looking through his phone, she discovers he has been leading a double life with another woman in the Albufera and indeed, has had a daughter by her.

She inveigles her way into the other woman’s life, and for the first 5 episodes, it’s all about the grieving. But then various facts pop up that mean it might not have been suicide.

Quite an enjoyable show. Alex, played by Verónica Sánchez, is a stunner.

Funny thing is that with the recent series I saw, I Know Who You Are, set in Barcelona, and this one set in Valencia, halfway down the Mediterranean coast from Barcelona, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that Spanish (or castellano) is not the first language in those cities. Obviously people are bilingual but there’s no indication of another language, and both are modern-day, not Franco-era when other languages were essentially banned. Valencian is considered a separate language, but is really a dialect of Catalan.


i was looking forward to it since someone posted the preview in here awhile ago.

watched the first ep and was meh, i get there’s only gonna be so much you can do, i think it’s just the all pommy cast essentially playing english speaking russians just is eh.


You have incredibly high standards if this series registers just a “eh” on your review.

The production values are incredible so dialogue is hardly even required to be enjoyed.


Having watched the last episode of The Pier, I’m sure all the fans on BarcaBlitz are grizzling about the ending.

I’m not one of those who wants everything tied up with a nice little bow, but there were a couple of things they could have tied up, rather than ending on a sapphic pash.


Dark Season 2 is out next month.


I assume that was the end of season 2 of Killing Eve.


Yeah, I’m gonna have to go back and re-watch season 1 for this one.


Bit of a fizzer, moved along like the rushed finale of a cancelled series, (which I highly doubt it is). And I reckon a few Roman travel guides will be interested in that short tunnel that leads from the Trastevere to Hadrians Villa🤔.


I found the first (and the subsequent) episodes incredibly powerful and had me awake longer than I wanted to be.


I am only up to episode 3 but I have found it to be brilliant.

I love that its not over the top or melodramatic and the production is as good as you can get.


June 5. Ohhhh yeah. Depress me baby