TV show thread


I recently saw a show on ABC iView called Mrs Wilson, starring the granddaughter of the eponymous Mrs Wilson, Ruth Wilson.

In 1963, her husband, Alexander, played by Iain Glen (Ser Jorah Mormont) has a heartie and dies in their house in Ealing. She’s shattered, and doubly shattered when a woman fronts up saying she’s his wife and wants the effects. She’d met when he was working as a Bletchley Park type in about 1941.

She starts trying to work out what’s going on, by questioning Fiona Shaw, playing much the same role as in Killing Eve, and saying he was sacked as a spy in 1942 and to shut up, or she, and her two sons, will suffer.

She starts forging stuff, trying to keep what appears to be the truth, from her young adults sons from finding. Two more wives appear.

But one Indian guy keeps sticking up for him, he did invaluable work in pre-partition India.

The guy did write 27 novels, generally spy novels, but the British, despite denying his work, have still kept all of his work secret, even as lately as a couple of years ago.

Makes you wonder what lies and fake promises the Poms made in settling the partition.

The still won’t release details of the Irish Treaty, and that was 98 years ago. My suspicion is that it will uncover members of prominent Irish families as having been traitors to the Irish cause.


I watched that show 6 months ago and enjoyed it, and I’m glad I already had, because anyone reading that post has just had it completely fkn ruined for them you inconsiderate spoiling dolt.




Inside No 9 isn’t bad. I’ve finished season 1. It’s from the guys who made League of Gentlemen and Psychoville.

Also, not sure if anyone else mentioned After Life with Ricky Gervais. Very enjoyable.


Very intense.


Tried to put in the spoiler tags and they didn’t work. There’s a hell of a lot more to that show than what I wrote.


Other than virtually the whole plot / story, and blowing the major surprises / twists, … yeah, … right.

A child could use the spoiler function, . it really couldn’t be simpler.

Highlight text, … hit settings wheel (last icon on the right) ,… click blur spoiler, … I mean, … fk. :roll_eyes:


Which is exactly what i did.

Worked the last few times I’d done it.


I bet it’s that you didn’t have the spoiler tags on their own line.


FFS Noonan


Just started watching Mr. Robot. 5 episodes in. Enjoying it so far. A pivot from GOT


First ep of Catch 22 is very promising. Great cast, looks fantastic, captures the spirit of the book. Very funny, quite dark.


They’ve made Pam look like The Thing from Fantastic Four in the new series of Archer.
I am not in any way okay with this.


just watched the first season of the US version of the office. Almost identical to the UK one. Does it get better?


Odd to hear that really, …

I straight away thought it vastly different, and also, initially, … that it was shitt becuse of it, … but thankfully I persisted and got over that, and into it for what it was, and enjoyed it in the end.

Sometimes it goes a bit “ridick”, but in the main, was very amusing.


It gets a lot better then drops off at season 8 IMO


Dwight Schrute is a beauty - stick with it


As long as Carol’s still unhinged and human I’m okay. Could use some more jokes though for the last three or four seasons. Just a lot of people yelling at each other really.

If anyone liked the very entertaining and offbeat Patriot, Steve Conrad’s new show “Perpetual Grace Ltd” looks the shizz.


I’ve avoided this thread for a bit until I finished Chernobyl. I didn’t want to find out the ending in here.


season2 is good but I think season 3 onwards is where the show becomes one of the best comedies of all time.