TV show thread


Don’t blame you.

Just can’t trust that the desperate need for self importance of some won’t continually trump doing the right thing by others it seems.


Yep, once it finds it’s own way and forgets what worked for the UK one it is on fire over dozens of episodes.


Also, … ANIMAL KINGDOM Series 4 has just started.

Ep 2 just aired.


Jodie Comer (Villanelle in Killing Eve) was speaking at a ceremony. Greatest scouser accent ever.


Altered carbon
The 100

No specific order but these are my Top 3 right now
Broadchurch and afterlife not far behind


Happy season 2 just dropped on Netflix.

Giddy up!


Just finished Ozark, looking forward to season 3 coming out later this year. Another program that builds as events and people start to get out of control, although somehow marty byrde is the least interesting character in the series


Yeah it’s a good one. Good atmosphere, very good acting. Get on Catch 22 Yoyo, I think you’ll be pleased with your portrayal.


Yes that’s on the list for obvious reasons


Tried Ozark, watched about 3 or 4 eps and it just didn’t grab me.


Fleabag is a great little show


It’s different, that is for sure


It has that perfect blend of desperate loneliness/fuckupness along with laughter that the Brits do so well.


She is seriously warped, isn’t she? Similar to Julia Davis.

And the creator and writer of Killing Eve (first series anyway).


Just watched Ep 2 of Catch 22 last nite.

The opening scene involving Major Major Major Major with Kyle Chandler had me in fkn tears. :joy:

Had to pause it for 5 minutes to recover.




Just finished watching Chernobyl. Awesome show. Story, characters, music, sound, visual - all absolutely top notch.


Me too. Bleak stuff, just horrendous. The meltdown that is, not the show. Show was great.


I got about fifteen minutes in and decided I wasn’t in the mood for worthy melted faces.


A friend was telling me last night that there is a Russian version being made that blames the explosion on American sabotage!