TV show thread


Being in the Ukraine I’m surprised they don’t just blame them…


Then it would have been a nucular power station.


Currently watching the French crime/mystery series Black Spot.

It’s a dark and atmospheric crime thriller with supernatural themes shot in a beautiful French town in the middle of a forest.

Great cast and great cinematography.


Noonan influence?


It has no nudity


Not interested then. And I steer well clear of the ‘supernatural themes’ bit.

For instance, I thought Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes Series 1 was excellent, but ep 1 of Series 2 had me saying “that’s enough”. Pity, because Brendan Gleeson is a gun.


Brendan Gleeson is a cracker.

He’s made some awesome stuff but none better than In Bruges.


Black Mirror, Season Five, Episode 1.

Well that was a terrible disappointment. Worst Black Mirror epsiode I’ve seen. Move aside, The Waldo Moment and 15 Million Merits. I hope it is an aberration not a sign of things to come.


I’m not clicking! Watching it tonight. I’m excited!


The Guard


My son reckons it’s the best episode yet. I’m kinda 50/50


Best episode yet is a massive call as there have been some belters.

I’ve seen it’s been pretty poorly reviewed.

Will report back soon once I’ve watched it!


I’ve watched all three Black Mirror episodes and I’m still undecided, which probably suggests I’m underwhelmed.


For fans of the “7 Up” series, the latest installment “63 Up” is on SBS tonight at 7.30.


Likewise. I think it’s a result of massively high expectations (I reckon Black Mirror is the best series ever) and the fact that the world is becoming so ■■■■■■ up that many of the Blavk Mirror concepts are quite as earth shattering.

Separately, They Will see Us on Netflix. Amazing show. 4 episodes. My wife and I just cried our way through all 4. There are some actors needing some awards out of this show.


Ashley 2 was ok, and only three episodes, feel like it’s getting predicable which is not what I wanted


“I am Mother” is a great movie on NETFLIX now worthy of black mirror.


Handmaids take has turned to utter tripe. Got a bit of GOT about it.

The first season was so intense because their was consequences for everything and it was a very bleak show with no happy ending.

This season she has the biggest plot armour. Each episode is increasingly stupid, you know she would have been killed in series one for any of the dumb things she does, now it’s just a shrug knowing she has to survive and somehow be a hero in the end.


Try Years and Years if you like Black Mirror


Posted this in the art house thread too.

Next Monday, SBS are moving Viceland from Ch 32 to Ch 31 and bring in World Movies on Ch 32.