TV show thread


What is ‘They Will See Us’ about.


‘When they see us’ is about some African American teens getting accused of rape they didn’t commit. Based on a true story. It is excellent.


Sounds like a real hoot!


Also, … 'When they See Us"?


Since when has Black Mirror had moments of comedy? All 3 shows did.

My favourite on the 3 was the second one, I like that Irish actor who played the priest on the 2nd season of Fleabag. But I fear the show has jumped the shark


Watched it all last night. Is your typical wrongly convicted story, but done well. It was shocking if that’s how it really went down. Being the father of a 15 yr old makes you think how a judicial system could convict a child without any supporting evidence, and to tell your kids to say nothing.


Central Park 5. Late 80’s crime in Central Park and how the legal / police side of it unfolded


Was it them or the Memphis 5 (or was it 3) that Trump still believes are as guilty as, despite the fact they’ve been totally exonerated.


It was them. Trump has quite a history with this story


Obviously some dramatic license but that is broadly how it went down. It’s still playing out all over America today.

I saw a video yesterday of a cop demanding ID and a bunch of things from a couple of black teenagers (I think). The guy filming owner the cops. Quoting laws and regulations and how they had no right to be doing what they were doing. I wouldn’t know what the law is here in Australia and these kids in the US certainly don’t know… anyway… I’ll save that for the US politics thread.

The show is well worth watching.


There was a show on Viceland - 3 parts - just finished last night - I think called Life on Death Row - covering a few different cases in the states, mostly Texas I think. The third one covered people interning for something like the Innocence Project.

I still don’t know what to think of capital punishment. In some cases, I think it’s justified but it had better be cast-iron evidence, and preferably not some pollie trumpeting law and order and executing minorities predominantly and/or indigent whites.

I wouldn’t have any difficulty with Adrian Bayly or James Gargasoulas copping the needle.


Good Omens from the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. About the impending Armageddon organised by the forces of heaven and hell.

Starring Michael Sheen as an angel, David Tennant as a demon and Jon Hamm as one of the archangels.

Not sure yet!


I don’t know whether my lack of religious knowledge is resulting in me missing jokes watching good omens. It kind of reminds me of dirk gently in the way everything starts to fall together.


Hoping it gets better, bit clunky for mine. Never actually that fond of either writer, good concepts but a bit too fond of their own cleverness.

Have to plug Years and Years again. It’s very timely and gets better with each episode. Brits do encroaching dystopia better than anyone. Cuppa tea isn’t quite enough this time around.


If we’re plugging stuff again, from the zero feedback it appears that no-one took up my suggestion of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Set in late 50’s New York, a youngish Jewish mother (Rachel Brosnahan) gets dumped by her husband and takes up stand-up comedy.

It’s brilliantly portrayed and written, with Tony Shalhoub (Monk), Marin Hinkle (2.5 Men), Alex Borstein, it has no real nastiness, no superheroes, no dystopian themes, no gender identity issues.

Two series so far, another due later this year. It’s cleaned up at the SAG and Emmys the last couple of year.

Funnily, only one of the top stars is Jewish. There’s no shortage of Jewish actors in New York.


I watched the first couple of eps, partner ate up both seasons. Just not for me, nice production etc but the dialogue grates, sounds like somebody’s idea of what people used to talk and act like, especially Jewish Americans. Farking shat me actually. I suppose it’s meant to be exactly that, a bit of a fantasy, and Brosnahan is very good. Fun fact, which you probably already know, butch manager voices the mother from Family Guy.



Yep, … right from the Beginning, … remastered in HD.

The Pilot and 2nd ep of series one are available on the ONDEMAND site now.


It’s the best current comedy. Its how I’d imagine Larry David and Joan Rivers to converse.


We discussed Chernobyl in here yet? I’ve got one ep to go. At this stage I’m pretty comfortable calling it a masterpiece. It’s utterly ■■■■■■■ terrifying.


Yep. Stays with you that one