TV show thread

The third episode was just horrific

Yep horrendous. We finished the series over the weekend.

Apparently the Chernobyl region is now experiencing a tourist boom.

I hear the Kardashians will be hosting a baby shower not far from reactor 2.

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If it means we never have to hear from them again then I’m all for it.

I watched it.

I don’t know if I’d agree with all the hype or carry on about it as many have*. It was good though.

Edit: *Maybe that’s because we were all over it when it happened, (21 Midnight Oil, Anti Nuclear protesting) and I’ve read books and countless articles & watched a heap of Doco’s on it, so already knew the story, … :thinking:

I can certainly understand that view.

I was 8, and while I remember it I certainly didn’t process it’s significance at the time and it isn’t something I’d studied at all since.

Watching this series has sent me scurrying all over the internet to read everything. It’s really gripped me, got under my skin and got me thinking in a way no show has in a very long time

The show does a brilliant job of capturing the terror of this invisible, omnipresent, horror that is radiation.


And using that incredibly unpleasant Geiger counter sound.

Gives me shivers

Anyone seen the Deadwood movie?

Just seen the trailer on my Xbox and being one of my favourite shows I’m wondering whether to go back and do a Deadwood marathon to get the most out of the movie.

Also after watching the trailer you just realise what an amazing cast that show had.

Was a sad day when it ended.

There’s never a bad time to do a Deadwood marathon, and the film is good, ties up a few things, manages to avoid being a fan service kind of deal. The guy behind it is too much the real thing to have let that happen.

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i’m pretty sure you meant the kardashians HAD their baby showers there, hence …

In the last 2 weeks I have had 3 separate conversations about the Chernobyl series with people around my age - late 30s/early 40s who were living in the Soviet Union at the time. They all have loved the show for its realism - in particular how the props perfectly captured how things appeared then. The stand out prop appears to have been the ash trays! One of the girls lived very nearby - in a town with a river that flowed from Chernobyl. Her parents still live there to this day and she was of the view there wasn’t much impact on the way people went about their life’s post the disaster.

Also it was interesting from their perspective to reflect on how the western propaganda painted (and still does) the Soviet lifestyle in a completely inaccurate way to their memories. They all seemed to love their childhood and had heaps of fun. Of course they didn’t know anything different but their view is that the world was nothing like the gloomy picture painted by the western media in movies/tv shows etc.

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That’s hardly surprising. Propoganda is quite evil in many respects and would be considered entirely unconscionable and misleading in a corporate setting. Compromised and hypocrisy.

For a bit of fun you should read bolt’s review of the series in the hun today. I read it in the cafe today.

I saw the headline online and clicked on it before I realised who’s work it was. It was an amazing piece of fiction even for Bolt.

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First episode of a new heist show Jett appeared the other day. Stars Carla Gugino (Spin City, Sin City, San Andreas) as an ex-con thief.

Finally finished watching the Sopranos - holy ■■■■ what a ride! Really hope they don’t ■■■■ up the movie (must be coming out soon-ish?)


The Sopranos is epic - one of the greatest TV series. Have you seen The Wire? Another brilliant series. Highly recommend.


Are they making a movie? I can think of one significant reason why that might be problematical.

The ending of the series is one a lot of people have had a significant grizzle about. I thought it was great.

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Anyone else watched The Last Kingdom? Three series so far released.
Set in the 9th century like Vikings, but mainly from the Saxon side of things.

and yet i reckon history will show america has and is the worst user of it. I keep saying the only difference between nazi germany and america is america was smart enough to use propaganda to deceive the whole world, not just their own citizens.

I can believe the post above yours about how different the peoples memories are compared to american driven western views. America has and always will need a big bad boogieman that’s out to get them.
first it was russia and will always be in the backdrop, then it was bin laden, suddam, then when they go both of them, it went back to russia for a bit, then isis appeared, then north korea, then russia for alil bit again now it’s iran.

Russia is just the fear mongering tool to them, to keep their idiot citizens worried about a non threat, so they can justify their military budgets.

on the actual tv show, i may have to give it another look over, I just couldn’t get past the pommie actors trying to play russians. yes i know the effects and that were very good.


Watched the first 2 seasons. Thought the first was quite good if slightly b grade. 2nd felt a bit sillier. I watched the first ep of the third and didn’t feel the urge to continue