Ugh Khabib. I wanted him to win and he fought such a great fight - to not have the self/control to be respectful afterwards was really disappointing. He overshadowed a very good win.


Apparently 3 of kebabs camp off to prison


Hectic! All over social media now. Rightly so.


Damn Conor :frowning:

Khabib can get f*cked tho, that ■■■■ after the bell was unforgivable and its clear he’s had a hellish and frustrating time of it.




Conor got flogged in that match. He did stuff all. Owned from start to finish. Just makes himself look more like an idiot. I don’t the the Russian either but I love seeing a big mouth get owned


Video of end and aftermath at:

P.S. Dana White would hate a simple sporting event. Loves the controversy and shenanigans, and the money that follows.


Because Ice Temple worries more about what people say then having any form of intelligent opinion himself.


He did.

(Can’t say if it was proportionate though.)


Arrived at my local pub just in time for the last two min or so. 10 or 15 min later, a fight broke out right next to my mates and I - it was outside in the dining/smoking area but it rolled onto inside and knocked off a couple of tables.

What an interesting afternoon this has been.


Whiner stops in to follow me around like a little lost puppy. Go back to your Myers hate whiner.




Fights breaking out all over the Strip in Vegas as well. Just saw a bloke get KOed in a bad way. #ufc229


Wouldn’t be surprised if they froze all flights


And expected. They’ll get a shitload of free publicity out of this, . it will lead every News bulletin, every paper, every news site.

The cash registers are already running hot for the UFC.


Like how you stopped by in the Crichton thread and basically every other thread afterwards of mine to bait myself and others in arguments because you’ve appointed yourself as a Police officer of Blitz? Stop clogging and ruining threads by trying to fight everyone, and try having an opinion for yourself once in a while.

Either you have NFI about Ufc and honestly have no idea about Conor’s rap sheet, which if the case then try not talking about something you have NFI about, or you’re again baiting people by being smartarse which proves my original point.



I didn’t stop in the Crichton thread and try to stop anything whiner. I merely had a laugh and pointed people to a replay for some fun. I didn’t say anyone couldn’t have an opinion, couldn’t say anything at all. But look at you getting all triggered at anything I say.

So when you are done with lies maybe learn to have some facts behind you.

Mind you the very thing you accuse me of you joined in here. I replied to someone in a discussion and you jumped in with lies and a personal attack.

That’s some quality triggering.


Im definitley disapointed as a huge Conor fan, but as a I said pre-fight this fight is an ugly one for him. Striker with a weakness for wrestling versus the best wrestler I’ve ever seen. I don’t think there will be a rematch, not when it’s that one sided. If it were like the Nate fight where Conor had him for a majority it would have, but this was a beatdown for all but Round 3 and could have ended Round 2. Wouldn’t be good for Conor or the UFC to have the King get destroyed twice and Khabib and Conor has the Nate fight next.

I love Conor and he’s arguably the best of all time, but Conor’s one weakness is the one thing Khabib is literally unbeatable in and no one has got even close in 27 fights. I’ve never seen Khabib lose it like that and must have been a build up of pure anger and emotion. Conor’s fans are angry as fck and Khabib’s made himself a villian for the rest of his life now.


I’m only just seeing this now…

Holy sh*t.


Cos he wasn’t already being the Russian