The fight I really wanna see now is GSP vs Khabib. Dana isn’t keen on it, given GSP’s proclivity to abandon belts when he changes weight divisions. Besides, could GSP make weight anyway after bulking up for the Bisping fight? Still, the UFC need to make it happen. GSP wins for mine.


I was regularly commenting pre-fight, you know a few posts up, you know how I bumped this thread after searching it out myself? No? And you know how you said you literally haven’t watched it but it didn’t stop you baiting people?

You don’t think it’s weird how you get called out in every thread?

efcrobbo called you out in the Chricton thread (which you were apparently joking about but called him a dipstick for no reason), Black Kavanagh called you out in this thread.

You literally jump in most threads and instead of forming your own post or opinion you instead start trying to bait or argue anyone. Oh I forgot to add your signature “you’re a whiner” blah blah blah. One day I genuinely hope to read something that’s formed from your brain and not from the “I hate you because I disagree” factory of your brain.

Oh and I’m more than happy to do both us a favour and not comment to you ever again, as long as you don’t give a drive-by snipe or reply to me in any form. I think it’ll save us both some grief. I think if you transformed your ability to bait people and put it into another talent, like attempting to post a thoughtful and quality post you’d find fights on Blitz be cut in half.


Dana said no to GSP vs Conor but Dana will go where the money is. GSP would be a hero if he beat Khabib. I fear for Khabib’s safety in future fights.


Khabib’s got nothing on you two. Stop.



Live steam ^


Ufc are withholding Khabib’s purse! (for now)


As a huge GSP fan, I wanna see that fight.


3 men arrested released because Conor didn’t wanna press charges.


What did he call me out on? The fact I hadn’t seen the fight or the fact that I said Conor was a thug too?

You keep saying that but you lack any facts to back that up. Go have a look at threads and maybe read more than my one line comments on things, which even you do. And no, I do not get called out in every thread. Learn to lower your hyperbole, it might help you appear reasoned.

That will only happen when you stop whining about everything. You bait people as much as anyone on this forum so don’t try and take some sort of high moral ground, it makes you look silly.


Why all the fuss?? Khabib just jumped a fence, . it’s not like he broke out the perfume or something …


Just want to call out the awesome main card fights before the main event. Fight of the night has to be the abandoned one


I like McGregor, but not even close broham. What he did to Aldo was epic and he has a couple other top shelf victories but c’mon son.

He’s never defended a belt. Others have done it for years.


I said arguably bruz. Definitely the best promoter of all time. He never defended his belts cause he was too busy jumping weight divisions and making 100 million for boxing lol. Damn I’m disapointed after seeing ma boy get beaten badly, feels like a funeral.


You talking about the Tony Furgerson fight that got cut short? Was a cracking fight.

I went to get a drink after Round 2 and came back a minute later to it being over, fark.


I have no idea about UFC and all the rules etc, but I saw the clips. That was insane.

I’m surprised the cage is so low, so anyone with a decent leap could jump in the ring. What the hell were security doing to let that guy jump in a hit McGregor?Im amazed he didn’t get knocked out by Connor once he realised what had happened.


Forget McGregor v Khabib 2

I wanna see McGregor take on the unknown Russian in a real fight, lets see how he does fighting someone face to face.


So the Nevada Athletic State Commission, notoriously very strict for anything (banned a fighter 9 months for (marijuana), are withholding the Purse for Khabib and apparently the Governor in charge of the Commission had to run out of the building LOL. Dana doesn’t like Khabib’s chances of fighting anytime soon.


True although it was someone from Kbabib’s corner so they’re allowed to enter the cage, probably didn’t think Khabib and friends would go nuts.