I remember hearing that the russian wanted to best Conor and retire

So that makes sense

What an ugly finish. Hope they are charged


and change his face.


Incredible scenes, we were all gobsmacked.

Never seen anything like it. No class in victory is something I cannot respect.

Mcgregor does get personal often so Khabib clearly did not take well to that.


Oh dear for all the people that try and put UFC forward as a true sport and not just an ugly brawl, those scenes are not good and will put it back many years. What other sport has scenes like that afterwards?

Also lucky that guy did not do Connor real damage with that hit from behind. Massive sucker punch. Khabib kept the choke going for abit long after Connor first tapped too.

As to the GOAT, in my eyes there is only one. FEDOR!!!


I don’t believe it will. It’ll just make a rematch even more tantalising.


Yep there is no universe where Conor has any claims on

Jon Jones


Yep, UFC has never really had a villain champ. If khabib is smart he knows he can’t be beaten and plays the villain. He never fights due to injury and weight. But he could easily fight 6 times over the next couple of years as the villain. People will pay to watch him get beaten.

He needs that angle, coz he is sooooo boring to watch.


I just don’t see how Conor would want a rematch. He had nothing. The guy that won the last fight would belt him up to


I did not mean for fans, it is obvious this just hypes interest for those already interested. I am referring to people who do not watch the sport. Imagine an outsider watching that mess, it is just ugly. Incidents like this do not help the sport in this regard.


Did Gaffs punch hurt AFL?




I’d be surprised if Khabib fought again in the next 2 years


No way. UFC is pretty boring at the moment. They have some great champions but no one is interested in watching them.

Dana will want him fighting again soon. $$$$


Ferguson vs Khabib could be the biggest fight in 2019 if done right.


Yep. That one or GSP vs Khabib. Delicious.


GSP couldn’t fight at that weight. He was champion a level above and fought bisping. two levels above.

It would have to be catchweight and then no title.


Not upto Dana, it’s up to the Nevada Athletic Commission. I’d be surprised if they didn’t suspend him for 2 years for something like this. I’d be shocked if he fights again within a year.


Yep. Mentioned the weight issue earlier. He became sick stacking on that extra weight for the Bisping fight (impressive win by GSP), but when asked last month whether he would be prepared to drop the weight & fight the winner of this fight, he refused to answer it. He would need to drop 13kgs. Not impossible.


For reference that weight class is BJ Penns old division. GSP is a lot bigger hence why they allways fought at GSP’s weight. He’s just too big.


How can you compare the two incidents?

All I am trying to say is that outsiders view UFC as nothing more than thugs and no rules. For years many fighters have tried to get it recognised as a genuine sport.

I think this incident, and for that matter Connors antics at 223 are doing damage to that reputation, and putting it back.

It is just an opinion, but I dont like seeing that kind of thing in any form.

It should be noted I have been watching UFC since Gracie and Shamrock days.

Edit: I also think this is being driven atleast to some extent by Dana White, he claims one thing but his actions clearly point the other way.