GSP would get mauled by Khabib. As great as GSP was, I’m not sure he could handle the air to the throne in his prime.


GSP is an excellent wrestler. Much better chance of winning than what Connor had. GSP wins in striking too. Would love to see that fight.


He certainly is, his submissions are exceptional too. But at 38 I’m not sure he has the speed and power to counter Khabib any more.

His Bisping bout was a good performance but nothing that would suggest he is anywhere near his prime.


Bisping was a 38 yo beaten up journeyman went he fought GSP. No where near the level of khabib.


Agree, but he still has the game that could trouble Khabib. Khabib would struggle to get GSP down, which is his strength


Khabib takes Cormier down in training regularly and easily. GSP would struggle to stop it.


You can’t base it on training


You can when it comes direct from Cormiers mouth.


Cormier talks up all his teammates. As an Olympic wrestler that is twice Khabib size, I really doubt it!


It’s absolutely true


Anyhow, this is not something that I can deny nor confirm, but I still feel that GSP v Khabib would be a great fight.


I agree. GSP is getting on but he is absolutely meticulous about his preparation. Would love to see it.


No doubt it would still be an intriguing contest, I just don’t think that people should be expecting the GSP that beat Matt Hughes.


It’s usually striking that suffers with age, so I would expect his wrestling to still be at an elite standard, despite his age.


Black Beast vs DC headlining UFC 230. Hilarious, imagine if Black Beast won.

It is disappointing though as Nate Diaz vs Poirer deserves to be 5 rounds, it NEEDS to be 5 rounds.


Cant wait for Diaz v Poirer…Love Diaz he is just a filthy brawler


Bad news… Diaz vs Poirer is now scrapped due to Poirer injury.

Still enough time for a short notice replacement, Masvidal has stepped up and offered it, Conor has said no.


UFC fight cards are looking pretty average for the remainder of the year.


Well said


For those who haven’t seen it. This is a video of Khabib wrestling a bear as a kid.

You really think GSP wants anything to do with this guy.