Unathletic Footballers

The other day when Melbourne Storm announced that George Rose was signing on for next year it didn't even raise any interest to me until I saw his photograph and boy does he not look athletic. Only then did I think that all ordinary blokes sitting in the pub would all of a sudden think that they now had someone playing at the elite level who looks like he would be one of the boys who enjoys a good time.


Who else can think of elite footballers who are/were not the steroetypical athletic specimen. A couple who come to mind for me are Mick Nolan from North Melbourne and Grenville Dietrich from North Adelaide.


Doc Wheildon. Never got on the park for us partly because he was so out of shape, and partly because he broke his leg when he was hit by a taxi while ■■■■■■ down King St.

I don't know if unathletic looking necessarily means unathletic.

Look at Dane Swan, look at Courtney Johns.

Stuart Dew

Dean Rioli

Kepler Bradley


Alan Mullally.


Smokin’ Joe Misiti’s '94 season,had a premiership hangover for 12 months til he got his ■■■■ into gear again…

Derek Kickett.

Ryan O'connor

The entire Canterbury Bankstown forward pack - too many souvlaki's Dessie..........................hope you enjoyed Mad Monday!

Dean Rioli

winner, amazingly also one of the most skillful players i have ever seen

lance whitnall 

There’s only 1 Tony Lockett.

"jeff ferring may not have been the most athletic footballer of 1981, but he was certainly the longest kick..."


pretty sure that's how it went.


galloping gasometer, rene kink. hell most players of the 70s and 80s. greg Williams didn't really need it he was that quick with his brain. Darren jarman.


all Australian team for non athletic pure footballers. id like to see that.

Merve Hughes and Boonie!

jay neagle

Mick 'The Gasometer' Nolan. He was a decent player.