Uncle Andy and some dodgy dealings


While reading on my phone about Demetriou on the witness stand, I rolled my ankle and completely tore two ligaments.
I can’t believe that prick is still finding new ways to ■■■■ over essendon fans.


I meant ACCC not ASIC


Profit: hundreds of millions
Fine: 4.5 million

Probably not as much as their farking phone bills.

Can someone explain, sensibly, why not in these kind of crimes, the absolute starting point of any penalty must be THE ENTIRE FARKING PROFIT of the fraudulent organisation? Once that is fixed, the next part is the punishment and deterrent. Makes my farking blood boil.


There was also the job seeker agency scam.
To get a substantial government fee subsidy for certain cert III courses, you had to register with a job seeker agency. Agency got a subsidy from the government, educational provider got a subsidy from the government .


Not a drop from their massive greedy slop bucket.

Zero detterent for future dodgy rip off arseholes.

Likely cost the Taxpayers more than that to run the prosecution.


If I go and rob someone for thousands of dollars and get caught, I don’t get to keep some of the money. I have to pay it back and then go to farkin jail. That this is not a uniform thing across our society is one of the many indications that we live in a carefully crafted environment designed to barely stave off open rebellion.


I’ll wager without research it’s also less than the tax they avoided while solvent.


A bill has recently passed the Senate, requiring tighter civil and criminal penalties for Corporations and Directors. It now needs to go through the Reps


Let’s put through some token measures.
Natives are getting restless again.


No doubt it leaves them open to civil proceedings, which in turn means another payday to the lawyers


Almost worth going to jail for. Surely it wouldn’t be anymore than Georgie Porgie got yesterday.


I keep hoping I’ll come into this thread and read that fat Andy has contracted a strain of syphillis so bad that he screams and bleeds every time he pees.
I want everything he eats and drinks to taste like sunburnt, 3 day old roadkill. I want him to wake every morning in a puddle of his own faeces. I want him to get tinnitis. I want him to get a papercut on his tongue every time he opens his mouth. I want him on the receiving end of animal ■■■■ featuring 3 large rhinos.
And then I want Gil to cop the same.




Apart from wishing that upon the rhinos I’m comfortable with my wishes.


That’s really weird man.



That’s exactly what I want too! :smile:


I’m sensing some negativity here.


Not from me. I’m positive that’s what I wish for


Actually I reckon suited corporate crooks get far gather sentences than criminal cases.

Embezzlement typically gets 6 to 8 years, cheat the Tax Department and you get ten, Pell got less than 4 and violent assaults often get very little hail time.

In fact, I would not jail white collar crims at all. I would take all their assets and make them work for minimum wages at a homeless shelter. Use their sneaky brains for good !


Interesting. When you say take all their assets does it include family assets? Often the funds magically appear in other family members accounts or are somehow protected, even though they have declared bankruptcy.


Relic of the British justice system.

Crimes against property (particularly the property of the upper crust) are punished worse than crimes against people.