Uncle Andy and some dodgy dealings


All their farking assets, family trusts and even their grand-kids piggy banks.

Do their families good to suffer without champagne and caviar for a while.


That solution may actually make them think twice.


That isn’t apples/apples though, is it?
That was not my point.
I thought I made it pretty clear - stealing is stealing, whatever your station in life, and no matter what different labels people put on it. You take something that isn’t yours, against the other’s will. Stealing. When a bank manager steals - their organisation may get a fine. Basically, nothing. When a no-name steals, they get jail. No ■■■■■■■ comparison. Don’t bring up pedophiles and compare them with tax crimes and whatnot. Or if that’s your point - make it and leave me out of it.


Centerlink as well as the ATO - just about throw the book at someone.


Is it part of Bastion? Or are many of the same people involved in Acquire and Bastion and weren’t there a couple of other similar companies too?


Whilst true, the crimes you’ve mentioned are generally actions taken by indivuals against businesses. We rarely see businesses, especially larger ones, held to the same account and punished for not paying their taxes or siphoning off funds from the general public and when their schemes can amount in the 10’s or 100’s of millions it can make the whole justice system appear a wee bit unjust


The no name mostly cops it because very often they cannot afford an expensive lawyer who knows which judges are sitting and the loopholes or in fact any lawyer even the Legal Aid Lawyers can be short on the ground according to the funding available. Worked with plenty in men’s and women’s jails who couldn’t afford a lawyer couldn’t find one available and represented themselves. That went well 'cos most of the time they got no bail and ended up in jail for longer.


Who would ever change the ‘justice’ system so that everyone regardless of race, wealth or circumstance, has equal representation?

No one that would ever be elected.


That’s probably true. Justice is what feels right in your own heart - justice and the law, never the twain shall meet unless you can afford the best. Better than a fair chance then.


And yet, this is accepted, the world over.
Because it’s better than… something worse.


I stopped working within the system because that ■■■■■■ me off, I couldn’t change it or make a difference.


Don’t know about Bastion but there is Capitol Health of which Demetriou was chairman:


_" Nocookies

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Here’s the bit about Capitol Health from the Australian:

the Australian reported on 27 April 2016:

National Australia Bank’s private wealth arm has begun testing interest from clients for a $50 million bond sale by the Andrew Demetriou-chaired radiology company Capitol Health to pay off debt owed to the bank.

In a note to clients, NAB Private Wealth said it was seeking “expressions of interest” in the senior unsecured notes that would partly be used to pay back more than $130m of secured facility with the bank, the company’s sole lender.

“Capitol will use the proceeds from the issue of the notes to repay existing outstanding debt of the Capitol Group, including indebtedness owing to National Australia Bank Limited under the Australian Dollar Bilateral Facilities Agreement, and for the Capitol Group’s general corporate purposes,” the note to clients says.

One NAB client told The Australian the deal raised eyebrows, labelling it “ethically suspect” and high risk for the bank if investors lost money from the bond.




I have a lifelong friend who was a Magistrate and then a Judge. He always laments exactly what you said.

He was at Heidelberg Court when my Son was up on some serious traffic offences and we had got him a Barrister.

My friend saw me as I went into Court and asked if that (meaning our Barrister) was all we could afford as he was a dud!

Fortunately we got shuffled into another Court before a more lenient Magistrate, so not only does justice depend on your Legal Team but also who is the person on the Bench.


What do you think about the inquisitorial system, like they have in many European countries?


Then there was the use of AFL resources to lobby the Victorian Government in 2014 on behalf of the Baxter group, part owned by Fitzpatrick and Demetriou…
Then there is the issue of Demetriou and his mates involved in the controversy of the grant of some betting arrangements with NSW clubs…
And, Demetriou’s affidavit for Gil giving Gil cover against insider trading in regard to the collapse of brother Hamish’s spyglass venture
And his move to Bastion, Gemba’s competitor.
What else was he up to , trading on his position as AFL CEO?



An ‘investigative system’ is what I’d support.