Under Armour to replace ISC


I just wish we had a better looking sponsor on kit than AMart, then id be more keen on getting some.
Like training singlet looks ok.

looks better in black

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The blue!!! It hurts my eyes!!!


Droopy sash is back?

I’m going to have to add this new training top to my collection. I’ve amassed a greatest hits collection of jumpers blitz doesn’t like. I’ve got the grey clash strip, the droopy sash Samsung jumper, the seat belt, the rainbow training top.

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Is that our indigenous top for this year?

Sash looks shaped like a hooked hunting boomerang.

Hope it’s in the photo shopping fk up, coz it looks all over the joint thickness wise there, …

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It actually looks pretty good on the players.
Better than the rainbow training top.

It works though, doesn’t it?

Can’t miss it, … so much talk about how awful it is. they are certainly getting their moneys worth I’d say.

I like Amart as a sponsor. They interact with the fan base like no other sponsor I’ve seen. Logo might be a bit in your face with the blue, but I can live with that. At least they’re in boots and all.


Real Training gear


How so boot? Can’t say I’ve noticed.


That picture from the bombershop is just photoshop rubbish, and i only take the view of the pictures of the players wearing it (see Parish,McGrath)…and looks all good in my opinion…
Sash : Main three Point Check :

  1. Shoulder (Tick)
  2. Upper hip side (Tick)
  3. The joining of these two points (TIGHT) across the chest (Tick)

It is however very annoying, unprofessional and careless of the club to showcase that bombershop photoshop abomination of a jumper on their website… presentation is everything, and avoids freaking people out.
My avatar shows how its done.


Really, you’ve never seen their photo sessions outside games , 10% discount for members etc.

To wear when you sneak off and sink pots at the pub


No. Only got to 2 games this year. That is new though. Photo sessions with players?? Or couches etc?? :smirk:

And 10% discounts, or other deals for Dons Members is par for the course from sponsors for decades,

Anything else? Not being anti, … genuinely wondering.

Ok, so no official outrage then?
I’m a tad disappointed as I was looking forward to a good rant.


Sorry for the disappointment…as its also the 10 year anniversary of the Sagging Drooping 09-10 Adidas abomination…and subsequently the obliteration of it into history.


I don’t usually get involved in the sponsors gear threads … some I like, some I don’t but apart from the amart logo cutting through the sash I wasn’t too fussed.

My first reaction to UA was that I remember seeing heaps of it in the catalogues my ex hoarded LOTS of cammo (he is a gunsmith).

Thus I’m somewhat disappointed, although not at all surprised that the first UA thing EFC wear as a public group is this monstrosity…



Whoever said Kuta Lines hit the nail absolutely on the head.

Soon as I saw it I thought, … whatever happened to that Kuta Jumper I used to have?? :thinking:


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