Unofficial EFC Leadership Report

Hi all,

I conducted a (very unscientific) survey with different Essendon supporters from around the web over the past couple of days

The results are in and available to see here:

1.) It’s not a masterpiece
2.) It’s just for fun
3.) It’s not scientific at all!

I hope you enjoy reading the results as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Go Dons


A few thoughts below:

Essendon fans are trepidatious regarding Ben Rutten, but most are happy to see the back of Worsfold

Only 4% of fans strongly agree (6+7) that Ben Rutten understands the Essendon Football Club, though this may be a touch misleading… with 56% of fans saying they neither agree nor disagree (4) when it comes to the same question.

This is a theme for Ben Rutten with most fans sitting on the fence when it comes to judging the senior coach in waiting.

Of some concern is that only 58% believe he is the right person for the job in 2021. The lack of communication and visibility from Rutten, may have caused some of the uncertainty.

Which may have been amplified considering Worsfold (who has a poor communication rating) has continued to take the reigns on press conferences and the like.

It’s not all bad news for truck, his approval is substantially higher than Worsfold’s 12% and I’d expect as he becomes more visible, his ratings will improve.

The vast majority see Dyson Heppell as someone they could get along with, though not everyone wants him to be the captain in 2021

Though somewhat unfair to judge his performance as captain based on his horror run with injury. When forced to do so, 59% of Essendon fans believe that Dyson Heppell is NOT the right person for the job in 2021.

Again, I’d like to reiterate that this poll is not scientific.

It would be interesting to see how well Truck performs in the same survey next year, and by the same token, I would love to conduct the survey again with some past legends such as Sheedy and Hird to see how they stack up.

For me, the area of most concern for Truck is that only 4% agree that he ‘Understands the Essendon Football Club’ - I think if he’s able to increase this number over the off season by convincing fans he’s an ‘Essendon Person’ he will increase in respect and communication scores too.

But then again, what do i know, this is just a silly survey…

Thanks again for reading

No doubt at all the lack of communication from Rutten this season hasn’t endeared himself to a lot of supporters, especially as things have gone so badly

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Interested to understand how you forced them to do so?


Good catch - Should say something like : “When asked on a yes/no basis if Dyson Heppell was the right person for captaincy in 2021…”