Unpopular Opinion

I am impressed that you have clearly taken the time to sample every single craft beer in existence in order to be able to make such a forthright statement.

How has your liver survived?


Fair enough, I’d forgotten about that. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I still drink it. I know this stuff because my mate around the corner is the regional sales rep. He always has free beer :slight_smile:

I’ve had many donors.


Lucky you, if only they kept their opinions to themselves I wouldn’t have to feel guilty while enjoying a beer.

you should have a youtube channel rating every single craft beer in the world.


This man speaks for me.

Beats working!

Our last visit took 90 minutes from the time me touched down to walking through customs. I know as had friends waiting for us. Not a one off either. We’ve resorted to now entering Australia through Sydney and clearing customs there for our next visit, we’ll see how that goes :frowning:

Sydney is far better if that’s your final destination in Australia. If you have to transfer to another domestic flight it’s a pig of an airport.
Unfortunately SYD transfer is absolute bollocks but MEL baggage is absolute bollocks.
Would be nice if one of our major airports had it all hey :rofl:

well maybe unpopular but looks like the boys are all on the Swift


Oh dear, we may have shat the bed on that one then as we are transferring to Melbourne.

Why don’t those insanely popular Beatles play some REAL music like Glenn Miller did?

(Actually, for equivalent timescale, it’d need to be a couple of decades before Glenn Miller, but who even is that?).

Some craft beers are fine.

But this’ll be unpopular: I don’t drink a heap, but I’m totally happy with a Carlton Draught or VB, even if I’d rather one called Essendon Draught. Some of the superior hipster snobbery against a perfectly decent beer makes me laugh. An ice cold Carlton Draught after a surf/bushwalk/summer gardening session/whatever hits the spot just fine.


The Age did live updates of the Taylor Swift concert

It’s all just a bit much.

Edit: should this have gone into the death of journalism thread?

I’m by no means any sort of Taylor Swift fan but this is no different to what happened back when The Beatles came to Australia.

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I think the passion by young fans for a musician or act is great. Music obsesses you in your teens and young adult life, its great.

Rubbishing an act, very popular or not is poor form. They aren’t your taste, we get it.


23 or 24 odd years since the govt introduced the incentive to make mid strength beers

XXXX Gold is still the absolute king.

Criticism is poor form. I guess. There’s now a pop cultural 1% immune from its effects. JLo can release a film aggrandising herself and her career ( based largely on her derriere) and expect to have it praised universally except for by a few critics whose words now mean nothing and farking draw and quarter those chancers. Vanity publishing with immense $ power is in a golden age. Might is right. Massive machines of marketing are the state of the art. Oxygen that might have been breathable by better artists has been withdrawn from the atmosphere. Ok. Agree to disagree.

Pop artists seem to always cop flak for their artistry. Like actors need to write their own stuff to perform to be taken seriously or an orchestra player is seen poorer for only playing covers of classical pieces.

Music is like the pineapple on pizza nonsense. Eat your own pizza and have whatever you want on it. No one is forcing you to eat or not eat the pineapple.