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Mind you, when I was working in the music industry Soulnet records was going to be my company and ‘who will sell your soul’ the motto :rofl:

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Obviously never drank Coopers Mild Ale.
Only mid strength that has some flavour and taste

Ive had it. The orange? One yeah

Don’t rate it and don’t think it has much flavour.

Trades on the coopers label.

Coopers make 2 good beers, maybe 3.

Greens, the red silly sauce and the burnt toast black one.

I love their stout and their vintage releases aren’t too shabby either. I’m not a big Pale Ale drinker and generally drink Sparkling Ale although I’ve sported a few headaches from that after a few big events at Norwood. The Coopers are massive Norwood folk and attend most games still

Oh yeah coopers is an institution.

But the Milton Mangos, (the gold ones) are def in my eyes still the easiest and flavoursome mids.

Dont really go for the heavys. Literally barbed wire

Yeah, I had a few mids today at our Sponsors day/legends day. Quite a warm day and had have a bat and then field for a bit so didn’t want to hit the Sparkling or it might have been a mess. The mids go down too easy though :rofl:

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The Reds are dangerous.

Heres my on topic yet unpopular opinion…

Coopers Dark Ale is Coopers best beer.

My little brown buddies.

Its the one beer I always have in the fridge (usually along side one of thier pale beers). In winter, the Mrs Doggatron and I often share a Black and Brown. A coopers stout mixed with a dark ale…delicious.

Their stout is spectacular. But two long necks of it is close to 8 standard drinks…powerful (yet delicious) stuff.


I made it through in 35 minutes the other day, though I can well understand the comments from other posters. I’ve had those experiences, too. This time the gods were smiling!

Yep, all about the timings of when your aircraft gets to the gate which of course is a lottery.

Was it you that made a comment a while back about Paris Charles-de-Gaulle being one of world’s worst airports?

The terminals are certainly no oil paintings. A triumph of Soviet era architecture.

We spent 50 minutes in the bag drop line. The facilities were cramped and inadequate. Lines merged into other lines which in turn blocked access to others trying to enter/exit other areas. The various parts of the immigration/security process were separated by endless corridors. Not a great experience.

Not sure whether other parts of the airport have been upgraded for the Olympics. The part I saw didn’t look like it could handle that type of crowd.

One positive: the train service to get there is decent enough.

Yeah it was me.
Train service is fantastic but the airport itself is the absolute pits. It’s a nonsensical and impractical airport that just hasn’t moved with the times. They have done some renovations regularly but they just tack piers on and add more gates and terminals with stupid and unpractical names. It’s just like a labyrinth of connecting tunnels and ramps that further confuses travelers and the signage is apalling. I honestly don’t know how it will cope with the Olympics as I e been through during the World Cup and the whole place ground to a halt. Needs a dozer and start fresh

We now get six different Coopers in Japan for around A$3 a pop. I keep my fridge well-stocked. I’m a red guy all the way, but they all go down so well. I’ll have to try that mix!

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A Coopers black and tan is also amazing.
Made many of those of the years

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Bl00dy oath :clap:

My old man introduced me to drinking with a black and tan when I was 14, wiped me right out.

Unpopular opinion or hot take?

HOT TAKES thread >> Unpopular Opinion thread

if you listen to any deadsht drivel on for long enough they’re bound to hit one or two notes that appeal to you

it’s all just engagement bait. they’ll talk about whatever makes the numbers go up without any actual belief behind it. there’s nothing insightful they offer that you can’t get from literally any ordinary bloke after three beers, two lines or one tab


In anticipation for our upcoming game on Friday, I’m going to put it out there that pre-season form is absolutely a reliable indicator of how we’re going to perform in the regular season.

Shut up about Carlton winning pre-season comps 20 years ago and tell me the last time we performed poorly in the pre-season only to turn it around by week 1.

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Thought blitz had been on the same page for years.