US politics - fried (part 5)

She’s a black women?


The USA has never elected a female as POTUS

Ok, well according to my first year uni ‘statistics and analytics 101’ we are sure for a black female president. If she’s openly gay atheist, then we can probably just get it done.


As a present grade 2 teacher I reckon I have over 100 books in my class library… some from the school library but many I have purchased myself.


The public most know her for the unforgettable vacuous inanities she has come up with in interviews and public speeches. These have gone viral and caused her to be the subject of widespread ridicule.

She has also been in charge of unpopular and divisive policy areas such as immigration (which is viewed by a majority of the public as a disaster) and policing (a very polarising topic certain to make a substantial portion of the polity hate you).

I think generally though her biggest issue is the tendency to spout meaningless platitudes - people see her as having no substance and not being up to the task.

Never heard her speak.

Looks like a decent person, nice smile and not a senile old white dude.

Meaningless platitudes is what America is all about. Especially conservative America and that is most of them).

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This made me laugh because they elected Trump who trumps all her critics and criticism million times over.


Pun intended?

Trump’s different for a few reasons though. He gets judged differently to every other politician. He can (and does) say whatever he wants because neither his supporters nor his detractors see him as a serious politician. Everyone responds with ‘that’s just Trump for you’ - his supporters say it positively and his detractors say it negatively.

All other politicians are treated and judged as politicians.

For amusement, if you’re interested google ‘Kamala Harris talks about…’ with the following 4 topics: time, space, culture and artificial intelligence.

I love how the standards are so different comparing Democrat politicians with Republican ones. Inane speaker versus treasonous insurrectionist. Like for like?


Firstly, whataboutism won’t make Kamala Harris more popular.

Secondly, as I wrote, Trump is the only one treated to a different standard. Republicans contesting the nomination are dealing with this too.

That was a good article setting out a lot of what is happening.

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Surely Meadows flips.

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I fell in love with whataboutism the moment I realized the US was a 2-party system.

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Umm… it is not really [despite appearances]

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Romney calling time! Is that for real, or is it a hail mary hoping for the traditional rump of the party ( RINO) to pressgang him to run against Trump and the rest of the (MAGA) nominees.

After all, for the Republicans, what is their insurance if Trump and his merry men are kicked out of Dodge in Orange jumpsuits leaving MAGA discredited?