US politics - fried (part 5)

I just watched that whole video…I have no idea what you’re talking about.

At what point in the video does this happen

Currently the Taliban has taken back Afganistan.

The “300k well equipped” non taliban Afghan millitary he mentions, did absolutely nothing to stop that.

He was wrong and unprepared and it’s the reason why Afghan interpreters were rushing the airport and clinging to planes.

You’re saying the Russian War against Ukraine makes NATO look weak.
And that Russia is winning.

So, a few points.
The Russian war against non-NATO member Ukraine reminded them why they exist and has absolutely solidified them (apart from absolute chancers like Turkey).

Russia has lost every day after the initial incursion, and of Course you’re going to take ground on the initial incursion.

You’re talking about Biden’s projection of strength…
He projects strength by what he does.
By what the US does.
And he hasn’t been backwards in coming forward. Globally. Ever.
Putin, who you project as winning and stronger and more ‘powerful’ than NATO…probably has MS and is battling assassination attempts from his own hired army and political insiders.

Not…very…strong, yeah?


Yeah man, I know you’re trying there but you missed the mark by an absolute mile. I’m out having a social life tonight, so not going to rebut all that. But none of what you included there is a signal of Ukraine losing, it’s a sign of a multi year war that neither side is in a position to win short term.

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Cite my quote

Or just blow yourself.
You know what you said.

Wow…you’re so disingenuous.

He would have been going on advice from his military leadership when he spoke about the Afghan Army.

His own army was doing the training.

300,000 trained troops should have been able to stop, and then beat, the Taliban.

The fact that they failed to do so is not on Biden…so he wasn’t wrong but I can see that you’re only prepared to deal in what you perceive to be suit your own opinions.

Let’s just agree to disagree as I’m not going to waste anymore time discussing this with you as I do not believe you are open to any point of view other than your own.


I don’t need reminding of Reagan’s dementia.
Some people do, clearly.

Reminding that a strong figurehead is important.
And that the leader isn’t the…policy.

Don’t expect it from Lawry, because he’s old enough to know.
Kind of expect it from people who don’t know how to fix a cassette with a pencil.


I was born with just a few months remaining on his presidency. I grew up in an era where conservatives had deified him to the point where politicians would celebrate and honor his birthday every year.

Learning that his economic policies did more to shape the world I live in was one thing, learning that he was instrumental in the lack of action on climate and the severe income inequality which ravage us all today was another.

Learning he did this while losing his ■■■■■■■ mind was something else altogether

Forever and ever, ■■■■ Ronald Reagan.


There are some here who, obviously having tonnes of experience with dementia sufferers (have you guys, really?), have diagnosed an old man with a speech impediment with the condition from a few tv gaffes that get replayed to infinity from the thousands of hours of high level comms and constant travel the bloke does. That’s a guess, okay, you don’t think he’s up to the job despite getting a truckload of the job done while half the country is still swimming in it’s own diarrhoea and the world is ripping itself apart. But then there’s just telling lies and doubling down on leaving out the bits. Why are you wasting time with that? Just argue your side of the fence and back it up with information. Bizarre ■■■■. “Oh that Donald’s a mischievous devil for sure, but Biden, well that’s a whole other story, sad, sad, sick old man, unfit, unfit!” Topsy turvy I tells ya.


It’s…pretty funny, the way they’ve deified him, if you were there.

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The hypocracy bites, for sure.

I’m in the middle ground on that.

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You’re welcome


I don’t see NATO looking weak coming out of Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mere solid, if unspectacular and less than really required, support from NATO has been enough to help a weaker neighbour grind a self-proclaimed superpower into a costly meat-grinder of a slow retreat.

Finland and Sweden joining. Germany shaking itself out of its malaise.

It did end arguments about whether NATO was necessary anymore though.

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Who said that?

NATO is weak because of Turkey.

I’ll rephrase. NATO don’t look weak at present. They look like more than a match for their principal opponent.

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Request granted.