US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition

I was in Cincinnati earlier this year, and I found it the most right-wing place I have ever been in the USA. MOst of the people at Proctor & Gamble where I visited live in neighbouring Kentucky and all seemed to only talk about Fishin, Huntin, Shootin and Trump. If the State votes Democrat either the guy is JC risen from the dead or the worm has truly turned.

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Beshear saying in Victory speech, they will restore the Voting rights of 140,000 disenfranchised people.

That should help a bit in 2020.

Not to mention any undoing of the Reptilians Gerrymandering electoral boundaries.




Let’s them get rid of gerrymandering too.

Results like this make me think Trump is toast.

But I have serious reservations of all the Dem candidates.


This makes Turtle McConnell, very, very, vulnerable.

Wonder if we’ll see him go into skin saving mode & stop continually backing & excusing Trump and his corruption at last?


New polls in battleground states paint quite a different picture to the one I posted about the other day. Warren actually came out strongest.

Seems the Kentucky result may have been driven by the medicaid cuts , with access linked to work benefits and Centrelink-style Newstart conditions

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Yep. Very likely. Might be a blueprint for Dems in other states.

Same problem in Arkansas eligibility requirements for Medicaid - supported by Trump.

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Is Trump really a deep state plant to get the US to clean out the redneck republicans? Probably not but will be great if he achieves that effect.

The Manchurian candidate?

The most Manchurian to ever candidate in the whole entire history of candidates.

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It’s not only him who’s been brainwashed though. Sorry if that’s a spoiler for people who haven’t seen either version of the film, but the spoiler statute of limitations is surely less than 50 years.

A really beautiful Manchurian. The best!..

That’s ok. Don’t thank me…

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And, Nancy has never once Manchurianed. Not once, let me tell you.

Due to my work I have been (unfortunately) spending a fair bit of time speaking with folks at facebook and TikTok (yeah, you better learn what that is).

Facebook - is now the petulant child who, tired of being reminded of how they smashed a window by playing golf indoors, is now daring us to stop them from going full on ape-$hit in 2020. “Oh, you thought that was bad?!?! Just wait till next year!”

TikTok - An American app company acquired by ByteDance (a Chinese company) now has over 35 Million users in the US and over 500 Million globally. Folks are uploading copious amounts of videos from their cell phones enabling probably one of the world’s most active data-mining and surveillance operation.

We are so f’ing screwed.


Ugh, my daughter is at me most days about getting an account on this thing (because all her friends do, of course). No damn way.

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Saw a doco on this a few years back. Total bastardry, (as usual).

The poor US soldiers sent there to pick the shitt up and dump it in the relatively fresh crater suffered horrendously, & went basically unacknowledged & ignored, not to mention the Islanders, many of whom were later moved off the atoll to another Island. Then they just put a concrete dome over the top and said she’ll be right. Coral’s not porous or anything, … is it??

Fkn dickheadz.

Makes the blood boil. I’d rather my tax dollars were spent fixing this potential apocalypse than any number of pork barrel projects.

In any case, all signs point to the end of the US’ time as the top dog in the world. Pity we will take so many innocents with us :frowning:

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