US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


To me the biggest problem with the lewinski saga is it turned her into a joke, destroyed her life and career forever more, but didn’t make one skerick of difference to his world.


She has done okay but the continued association keeps derailing what she does and she has to keep living it over and over and over, while Slick Willy keeps walking around like an elder statesman and wonderful purveyor of wisdom and wealth.


Juanita Broadrick (I am pretty sure I have the name at least slightly wrong) has accused Bill of rape.

I was thinking of Lewinsky less so than the above. Though lying to Congress is a red line, as well as what you refer to. That also hampers the Dems re:Trump.

Edit: IT got there first and added the second d that I was missing, as well as the other women.


Bern wants to cancel student debt all $1.7 trillion of it



The reality of separating children from their families and detaining them in camps. If you think this is a good thing you are barely human.


How little I knew.


Hasn’t Warren already made this part of her platform?


I thought it was the 2% tax on the ultra rich that was going to pay for it.


How is Bernie paying for it?


I think Thanos style. Click his fingers and it disappears


Still, it is substantially less than the amount that have accused El Presidente.



That would be handy.


I think you missed Tripper’s spin there.


Only fools doubt the power of the Infinity Stones. Don’t be a fool, AT.


Mate, I knew about them back in the '70s. Where were you then?


I missed the 70s, but caught part of the 60s thanks to a wild night involving gin, tonic, and a particle accelerator.


Thoughts and prayers.


Cold dead hands


20 candidates for the Democrat’s first presidential primary debate. They could almost field an AFL side. And how do you run a 20 person debate?