US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


Thanks Ants. Can you direct me to the Kennedy judgment or the section that you’re referring to?

As I read the most recent case, it was more a case of the SC handing the matter back to either Congress or the relevant state houses to legislate on before the Court would involve itself? Have I misread it, perhaps?


I don’t mind the court punting it. America is really odd in constantly looking for the courts to solve issues. The legislature is there to legislate not the courts. I know America gets in gridlock over key issues, but so many of there problems could be solved with good policy.


Suggest you look at the gerrymandering project on 538. Detailed podcast series on this issue and I’m sure there’s articles.

Kennedy had left the door open for a mathematical model on the previous judgment. New gop bench wiped that out.


I think this article sums it up (based on the first paragraphs I actually read! :slight_smile: )

This was already in the states hands, and congress can’t get involved. Under the US constitution, each state can set its own boundaries on districts (both for state and federal levels). People have been using the Federal court system to challenge some gerrymandered maps on the basis that they breach the US constitution (the equal protection clause in the first amendment).

What this decision does is says that although it probably does, the federal court system can’t intervene (because reasons that are stupid (or possibly made up)). As this is an area under states’ control, congress can’t intervene. So the only recourse is the state systems, and of course given these are Republican controlled states, the whole point was to find away around the fact they controlled this and gamed the system to keep themselves in power.

There may be some potential via special ballot box initiatives, but the capacity to do that varies state by state (and requires locals to push it).

And read what @Benny40 said.


Do you?

The Fed can press a button and spend money into existence. That’s how things are paid for. That’s how Wall Street bailouts were paid for.





Doing his part for the economy by spending money locally.


Yes. He helps the illegal immigrants working slave labour wages at his resorts. Making America Great Again.


US getting hammered by multiple quakes on west coast.


Jeff Epstein arrested upon arrival in the U.S. More sex trafficking charges. Good news.


This story is fascinating and brutally sad if true. Implicates Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew and others.

Trump is a known associate / friends with up to 5 pedophiles. Even if the stories aren’t true this tells you all you need to know about his moral fibre.


Also said of his daughter ‘she does have a nice figure, is she wasn’t my daughter I’d probably be dating her.’


Trump has moral fibre?


This is what you are running with?


Yep. How many pedophiles do you hang out with?


Probably as many as you do


“Never met him in my life.”



Rich businessman knows other rich businessmen, some of whom may do bad things.

Of all the things to hang Trump for, this is not one of them.

Also you didn’t seem to want to hang the Clinton’s quite so hard on this, especially as this guy is Clinton’s friend.

I will add though, just for your benefit, none of the woman have accused either Bill Clinton or Donald Trump of being involved. They have accused other people including Prince Andrew though.