US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


Firstly, there is a difference between knowing someone and hanging out with them. I’d disown my father, brother, best friend - whoever if they were a pedophile. If Clinton is guilty of crimes here too I hope he goes down as well.

You try very hard to play the devils advocate the ‘i Hate trump too but you are all over the top’ however you are largely uniformed.

Trump had rape accusations made against him by one of these women (sorry girls… she was 13) that made it to court before being withdrawn. So if you want to go all patronizing ‘I only deal in facts’ at least get it right.

Start here and then look a little deeper.


By the way, the photo is just some poor underaged girl getting creeped out. Not the alleged victim


My issue isn’t that you went after Trump, my issue is that you spend a lot of time going after Trump yet ignore Clinton in that equation. Go after them both equally, put as much effort into highlighting both sides.







One is a hasbeen the other is the most powerfull man in the world.


And one has plenty of rumors… possibly true and one has plenty of rumors and accusations that have made it to court.

When it comes to pedophiles I am totally bipartisan. Take them all down.


lol, Clinton’s are not has-beens, they are still very influential within Dem circles.


“If” then yes I agree completely.


Fox News tried to interview people in Europe after the US won the women’s world cup, and all the people in the background started chanting “■■■■ Trump”


So you’re now conflating Hillary with her husband’s behaviour?

I think its fair to say many Dems now cringe over Bill and don’t want to have the party have anything to do with him. The same cannot be said about Trump and his supporters. Within the context of the US Politics thread, that is a huge distinction. Given that and that Bill is a has-been, of course the focus is going to be on the guy running for president in 15 months time.

If as @AVanderScreamer says Trump is also accused by one of the girls in the Epstein case while Bill is not, that is also a second reason for the focus being far more squarely on him.


Yeah, but what about…


Harvey Weinstein was a big Democrat fundraiser.


Joe Biden is touchy-feely


I doubt anyone will care, except to think “good”, regardless of who gets exposed by this.


I hear Trumps approval rating is at record levels.


Long but great article:


That’s why Bernie’s cancellation of student debt + free college is a must.


Also interesting to see that the “distressed” areas likely overwhelmingly voted Trump. Wonder if the fact that they have seen zero improvement since 2017 impacts or suppresses their vote.


Theyll still find a way to blame the Democrats and vote for Trump.