US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


It’s just another day
For you and me
In paradise




These guys are farking nutcases and dont even realise they are victims of a cult.

Cults have certain screening strategies, such as predicting the incredible, or making outrageous claims, or claiming the impossible is true that you just have to believe, and if you don’t believe them, obviously you fail the screening process and don’t make the grade.
The people who do believe such claims pass the screening process and are then included in their cult.
It’s a massive worry that so many people believe such nonsense all under the threat that if you don’t believe, you’re nackered for eternity.


Not to mention you give your credit card details when you join. No more passing the humble wooden plate.


In Singapore, like some of the big US Churches, they have VIP sections for the biggest donors.

If you don’t have enough money, they ask you to downgrade your apartment. Give them the equity you take out.

We look back on the past and think ‘how could they think that… how could they allow that to happen’ the future will look at us the same way of course. I think a couple of things they will wonder about will be how did the state no only allow these scams (all religions for me… but let’s leave it at the prosperity churches for now) but encourage them via tax free status.

John Oliver shows how easy it is to get in on the act in one of his episodes. Sets up a church.


Now I’m thinking about setting up a fake Evangelical Bikini Banana Diet Influencer account. Pepper it with a bit of anti vaxxer messaging and I’ve got a modern corporate success story. You can see the beautiful logic at work though, chicken and egg, actively encourage symptoms of the end times, claim faith, expound qualified ‘love’ (thanks Scummo), profit from the chaos financially and ideologically.

And then tax the hell out of my vices so I can’t afford to spiral downwards into oblivion.:crazy_face:


Add some veganism to the mix and you’re set for success.


Nah, the vegans are on the right track. It’s a hard and narrow one though, and there’s plenty of annoying tourists


We can’t make our support of the bombers tax free. But if we had the shamelessness to set up a religion where our one true god (Coleman?) watched over us and spoke to us and we prayed to… then we could probably make it a religion and get tax free status.


Anyway, this is supposed to be the US politics thread (although religion is now integral).

Does anyone have any idea what Pelosi is doing and does she have an end game?


My guess is Pence Avoidance. Probably quite sane, but who the fark knows. Not too many on the hill aren’t bought and paid for.


I think Pelosi is possibly looking at the polls and thinking if things stay the same there will be a Democrat President for the next term. “I will leave things alone to be safe”.

Another possibility could be just trying to delay some of these power plays till 2020 and the lead up to the election for maximum effect.


Actually, I believe the official view is that it is now most likely that the plane ran out of fuel. The USA just loves to believe they swarmed the cockpit though.

However, I’m not sure where I heard that.


See this post I made a month ago:


She has adamantly avoided any move towards impeachmet, and is just looking to gnaw away at Dumps base and credibility through exposing more and more of the Bullshit. I think she’s made the right choice and is a smart operator, and it is working.

Getting Mueller in front of a committee on the telly will be a game skewing few hours.

Little by little, brick by brick, they are eroding the prickz support.

She is doing her job, … the main game then will rest with the Dem base at the Convention, and who they choose to run.

Biden currently leads Dump by more than 10 points in the latest poll, … but you know, … “fkn polls!” yeah right.


You’re right of course.
Trouble is you use undeniable scientific facts to irrevocably prove your point.
The left of today have become fascists and being politically correct is all that counts as far as they are concerned. 61 million babies killed has not satisfied their blood lust and now they’d like to kill babies right up to and even after the moment of birth. Take a moment to think about that. It’s the greatest most unforgivable holocaust in the history of the world. Killing children without even giving them the chance to live. How sick and depraved can you become. They also believe it is their right to hate those who would protect the innocent. It was written, “they will call evil good and good evil!” And so it has come to be.


Actually Trump is at his highest rating since winning the election. And even Obama will not come out in support of any of the 2 dozen Dem candidates because as he said, “they are in a circular firing squad.”
And the winner of the first Dem debates. Trump by a country mile. Hate does not provide an intelligent strategy. The more the left hate Trump, the more they drive themselves around the bend. In the last election Hillary had all the money and all the workers. This time because the Dems are attacking capitalism and pushing for socialism, they’re not getting the money they need. Trump is much more prepared this time. Sorry, I know it’s hard to hear, but it’s true.


What’s the deal with Pelosi and AOC? Seems a like a bit a feud going on. AOC has just made the claim that Pelosi is “singling out . . . it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful . . . the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.”


That is really a dumb and inflammatory statement lacking scientific evidence and any real fact.

It is a women’s right to choose what happens with her body and to equate abortion to the holocaust is obscene.


There is not one socialist bone in the Democrat body.