US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


For your first posts on Bomberblitz you have certainly come out all guns blazing.

Virtually nothing in your two posts is factual correct and I’m not going to bother responding other than to say it’s a very unpleasant life down the right wing conspiracy rabbit hole. Try to change your YouTube algorithm - it’s not easy - but you’ll get some different views, less extreme hate and hopefully come out of it less ‘righteous and wrong’

It’s not easy, good luck to you.




Incredible to see the same talking points show up around the world. The echo chamber is strong with this one. :man_facepalming:t3:


It’s not great and frankly could end up damaging both Pelosi and AOC. That said, I have a feeling that a quiet meeting might be on the cards.


Looks like Trump has backed down on the Census. This follows from the related court case which was going so badly that even the DOJ’s attempt to replace all its lawyers was being stopped by the presiding Judge. The President in public comments kept completely contradicting what those lawyers were telling the court, which is the kind of ill-disciplined shoot yourself in the foot ineptness this administration is famous for.


There’s no post that I can make that will change your mind on abortion. I won’t try. I am very interested about this recent phrase from the right. Where did the idea of killing babies after birth come from?


That stems from Ralph Northam, the Governor of Virginia. Or a particular speech he gave iirc. That’s what it dates back to anyway.


So someone made this up in a speech, despite it not happening in reality, and now it’s widely believed to be true?

I can understand why people on the right would see the left as monsters in this case. Frustrating, it isn’t a difficult thing to fact check.


Fact check? It’s on the internet, you fool!


It’s a lie and the troll knows it.

On behalf of blitz let me welcome back essendon12 = JuryEss. Geddit?? 12 members of a jury? Geddit?? Soooo clever… sigh


Hahahahahaha…oh me oh my. This is just hilarious. You actually believe this? The Dem establishment are captitalist to the bone.

Pelosi is a dinosaur who stands in the way of proper progress. She and the rest of her establishment cronies (Schumer, DWS, Biden, Obama, Clinton et al) represent the plutocratic elite that will cling to the status quo at all costs. AOC is a direct threat to that. She needs to be primaried.


There is a growing schism in the DNC that’s been obvious for quite some time. The progressive wing of the party i.e. the Justice Democrats (AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashia Talib) have gained far more power than the Corporate Dems (Pelosi, Schumer, Biden et al) could have imagined. This is resulting in some overt hostilities as players like Pelosi aren’t interested in changing anything.



Ouch, but hard to argue there is much more to the Ryan legacy than a warning.


Not sure the mods visit this thread, and i don’t blame them, but it’d be nice if ars.e showing, flaming, out of mummy’s closet trolls could be dealt with as soon as they undo their little zippers. Clue, the moron hasn’t responded to anything yet as he’s still choking it.


Reporting a post gets attention


Admit it, you all enjoyed knee-jerking in response.


Post reported.


What this ignores is that there is a decent chunk of the Democratic voting base and representatives who are not as progressive left as some of those people are. And this split can be quite interesting. For example, African-Americans and Latinos in the US are reasonably socially conservative. It is the treatment around discrimination and (historically) strong representation of labour that has pulled them into the Democratic party. Many are not necessarily progressive in many areas. There are other groups who similarly are not as far left as someone like @FromOutside50 is.

However, those votes are all vital for the Dems to win Senate and Congressional seats outside of their main heartlands on either coast. There is also a reality that to a degree there is some reliance on financing elections.

So the Dem nominee and party in general is doing a balancing act between these groups. @FromOutside50 likes to lump anyone opposed to the the very far left as corporate shrills, but the reality is far more nuanced.


Although I agree it is unlikely that he will reply, and is most likely a troll, to be fair most of the responses haven’t actually debated anything he claimed, most have just said he’s a troll. Which is fair if he’s Essendon12. But if he isn’t, ignoring anyone posting that and insulting them isn’t going to change any minds (although I concede the odds of that are very very low).

I’ll do a deal with him, I’ll respond to @JuryESS’s first post in detail, if he responds to @Benny40’s question in his post, which was very fairly put.