Vale Graeme McMahon

<span style="font-size:18px;">Vale Graeme McMahon</span>

The Essendon Football Club is mourning the sad passing of former club chairman Graeme McMahon who lost his brave battle with pancreatic cancer today.

McMahon, 74, was chairman of the club from 1996 to 2003, an era of great success for the Bombers.

Current chairman Paul Little extended his deepest sympathies to the entire McMahon family.

“As a club we are extremely saddened by the passing of Graeme, an Essendon man through and through,” Little said.

“The Essendon family extends its deepest condolences to Graeme‘s wife Glenys, their sons Brett and Brad and the entire McMahon family.”

“Graeme was a fantastic husband, father and businessman and he left a tremendous legacy as chairman of the Essendon Football Club.”

“Graeme was a person of integrity and his energetic approach enabled the club to become a powerhouse both on and off the field.”

Under McMahon‘s chairmanship Essendon played in the 1999 preliminary final, won the 2000 premiership and made the 2001 grand final. McMahon also oversaw the move of home games from the MCG to the newly-built Colonial Stadium (now Etihad) in 2000.

Off-field the club became a powerhouse of the competition; stable, financially secure and well managed. In McMahon‘s last year, 2003, the club was debt-free and recorded an operating profit of more than $5 million. He led the club‘s racial vilification reforms, the promotion of women in football and the club‘s pacesetting in appointing specialist coaches.

Graeme was respected across the football club for his warm personality and caring nature.

McMahon assumed the role of chairman after 40 years as general manager and chief executive of Ansett Airlines.

McMahon was born in Essendon, went to school in Essendon, was married in Essendon, lived in Essendon, worked in Essendon and had played football for Essendon. He was Essendon through and through.  

As a mark of respect Essendon players and officials will wear black armbands against Port Adelaide on Saturday night.

Details of Graeme‘s funeral will be communicated in the coming days.



A true Essendon man…

R.I.P Graeme McMahon…

Commiserations to the family.

A great Essendon man

RIP Graeme McMahon.

RIP Graeme McMahon. Will be remembered as a strong Chairman of EFC - Essendon through and through.

One of the first things he did was put down a move to sack Sheedy shortly after he‘d signed an extension. I paraphrase but he was quoted as saying “If the club won't show loyalty, why should it expect any in return?”



Great Essendon Man RIP :(

Last guy I remember who was willing to speak up an demand respect for our club.

RIP Graeme :frowning:

He was a good bloke. An intimidating figure, but a genuinely good bloke. He was our boss when I worked at Ansett for nearly 15 years. He would come to our Engineering Base in Tulla, do a presentation, then stand at the door and shake everyone’s hand as we left. This was an act that followed on from Reginald Ansett’s traditional gesture. Graeme had time for anyone. He would listen, and take your concerns on board. He was enormously respected at Ansett. I’m glad to have known him.

No doubt he was equally as respected at the Essendon Football Club. The current predicament would have made him quite upset. It’s a shame he couldn’t hang on to see the club rise again.

RIP and condolences to the McMahon family.


A Great Essendon Man!!


What a great man and great leader



Graeme McMahon


A gentleman and great Chairman.


My condolences to his family.



RIP Graeme. 


Condolences to your family. Thanks for your EFC service and beyond. 

A loyal son of Essendon.


One of the first things he did was put down a move to sack Sheedy shortly after he‘d signed an extension. I paraphrase but he was quoted as saying “If the club doesn‘t show loyalty, why should we expect it from our players and coaches?”

Yep, pretty much. Was a great chairman for us, did the club proud and stood up for the club, something the club has lacked since he left.