Vale Mike Williamson

Jesaulenko, you beauty! Passed away. Will always be remembered.


I tipped this.

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Jack Hill the blind miner could have seen that Louie.

He was a huge star in & outside football in the 1960’s.



Brings back memories of Mike and Louie. No need for ‘special comments’ - just called the game with love and emotion in spades.

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Such an iconic voice of football. My memories of him are from watching the grand final marathon over the years.

Interesting that he retired at the age of 49. If he had gone on we would have had many more memorable comments attached to his voice.

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I remember as a kid going to channel 7 in Sth Melb to see a game show called “Tell the Truth”. (Not sure if that was the name) and Mike was the compere. Show was based on people describing their occupations and a panel of celebrities (was Izzy Dye one of those?) had to guess if they were lying or not.

Sad news. I remember the odd Saturday night when I’d be stuck at home watching The Penthouse Club with Mike and Mary Hardy. Depressing at the time because I was home on a Saturday night but nothing like it since. I seem to recall The Penthouse Club took on a different meaning soon after when a certain gentlemen’s magazine was briefly popular in Australia.