Vale Shane Tuck

RIP Shane

he must of been in a pretty ordinary head space. that’s really tragic news

Without doing to much speculating the Lifeline/Beyond Blue footnote does normally mean only 1 thing.

To folks who are struggling please, reach out. We are all here for you, we all see you and we all hear you.



Sad. Poor dude.

That’s terrible. Thoughts with his family


It cuts pretty deep every time you see stories like this. In my circle of friends we’ve lost 3 people in 3 years who have taken their own life. The devastation that it leaves behind for friends and family is beyond belief. It’s just so tragic…



Yep, back in high school i lost my mentor.

Through the first 2 years of high school i was bullied relentlessly. The senior school mentor i was given on my first day of year 7 got me thorugh it and halfway through the next year he went via suicide.

I was very close in my teenage years. Could’ve ended very differently if i didn’t reach out.

As a bloke its hard. You feel like you’re less of a man if somethings wrong with you mentally because “boys are tough” until we break that stigma that there is something wrong with you if you’re struggling we’ll never beat this.


Way, way too young.

All the best to his family, so sad.

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Blokes my age. Its so sad

Loved the way he played, just was hard as nails head over the footy no fuss type of player

Hope he is now resting easy.


Awful. So young.

Hearing more and more stories of being struggling during these times as well.

I hope people feel comfortable to reach out for support or help when it’s needed.


Trying to find something to say. Nothing. RIP.
I was always concerned about Travis, and to be honest that’s where my mind went when I heard.

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R.I.P Shane and condolences to all the family.

GAblett jr cousin

No good.

A good, honest competitor who spent pretty much his entire career playing in useless teams. With a better team around him and an ounce more luck he could’ve had a really decent career.
The worst thing is that he’s left a wife and a couple of kids behind.

Same, I read it twice before I realised it was the Richmond one. Horrible story in a horrible time - so sad for the family left behind.

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