VFL 2020 squad

As per the Season Guide just released, and as of 6 March:

50 Josh Tynan
51 Jacob Brown
52 Josh Kemp
53 Hugh Haysman
54 Matthew Day
55 Daniel Younan
56 Dylan Landt
57 Dale Marshall
58 Sam Graham
59 Aaron Heppell
60 Fletcher Roberts
61 Jackson Clarke
64 Max Simpson
67 Aaron Britten
68 Joshua Iacobaccio
70 Liam McKenna
71 Riley Wilson
72 Tynan Smith
73 Daniel Guccione
74 Todd Stevenson
75 Kurt Aylett
76 Bruno Laguda
77 James Schischka
78 William Wallace
79 Muhammad Saad



I hear he gets picked apart by his opponents one quarter at a time.


Darby(big red) must have missed the cut. That’s a shame.

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Hopefully we get to see them play soon. Looking good.

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It’s not the final list, yet.

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I heard that Hawthorn has withdrawn their players from Box Hill … so now Box Hill have to go stand alone. Question is , where do 16 -20 Hawthorn players not in the firsts team get match practice?

Does anyone know what positions these players play in?

See game day threads for some clues – I’ll fill it in a bit later.

Or @Paul_Cousins will :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, that would be brilliant!

Big Henry Crauford? Part of the list?

The AFL list, yes.

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