VFL Practice Match Colac 11th March 2018

Hoping we have DJR there after the AFL to do a kick by kick coverage


Have tried to get a team list but no luck so far.


Note that Long and Smack never actually donned jumpers in that first half.

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Geelong staff handing out VFL team list. More at three quarter time.

Long and McKernan both named in the VFL team.


1 HepA
3 Nick Dixon
4 The Langford
6 Matthew “Big Red” Darby
10 Hocking <- interesting choice of number
11 Hind
12 Bags
14 Ridley
19 Lazzaro
20 Merrett
22 Strachan. I’m not going to repeat that.
24 Houlahan
26 Edin Sibbald (200cm)
27 Redman
29 Joe Harrison
30 Younan
33 Wil “The Traveller” Berry
34 Jake “the hero” Long
35 Guelfi
36 Hartley
37 Clarke
38 Draper
39 Mynott
40 Ottavi
44 Shaun “I kept Tommy injury free” McKernan
49 Dea


Aw yeah, VFL match day thread.

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Foxtel taken over the bench, interviews to come?

They’re not going to clear this ground and start play in the next 12 minutes…

Foxtel’s moved to the Queensland game. So if they are, it’s not being televised.

Patrons asked to leave the arena. Foxtel (and other reporters) own the bench and part of the ground, and they ain’t going anywhere.

Long and McKernan continue their lengthy day.

Woosha has arrived for his press conference. They don’t play the Geelong theme as they come on, so they can start said interview. Gold.

Langford getting 100% warmup time with the midfielders.

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The 200cm Sibbald warming up as a forward, looks pretty mobile.

Ridley watch!


Langford watch!

I don’t think whichever Scott it is is turning up for his interview. Teams will have played a quarter of warmup before they actually get to start. Lights here are token ones.

Geelong have sent someone else out.

Finish your interview and fark off.

Decent number of people hanging around for the second match.

Yay, finished. They start dismantling the studio and getting the bench ready.

And… here… we… go!