VFL - practice match vs Pies @ Olympic Park Oval, 11am Sunday 6 March 2022

Has big VOSS destroyed anyone yet? Also has he go himself on the scoreboard?

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IMO he actually showed a bit last night in his short stint

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Should have worn a hoody

It’s cold

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How has McBride played?

Yeh is playing really well so far.


He is my replacement for Stewart until Reid is ready to play again.

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No. But i think it’s the GC academy kid that we pinched to play vfl for us this yr

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Why do people want to replace Stewart??

He was great last night.


i can see a club theme here…excluding the AFLW…@DJR

but the great MAx King kicked 2 lol MAkes the the guy who was playing on wright last night redundant :rofl:

I thought Lav was on Max King for the majority of the match? Or at least a fair portion.


I was at the game and Stewart was atrocious.

He was in King in Q1 and King ran riot - Lav went on to him and shut him down. at the end of the game Stewart went back on King and gave away a poor free kick simply because he has no idea about how to apply defensive pressure in a marking contest without giving away a free kick (shade of Hartley). King consequently kicks the sealer.

Laverde was on King Qtr 1 to my eyes. Made switch late in first term when Laverde couldn’t handle him


That is total crap!

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Yeah Lav definitely started on King last night. He got first crack.


Collingwood much better early in 3rd, now lead 42-35

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I watched the game twice on TV, and Lav was definitely on King at the beginning.


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Yes your right . That is Austin Harris( whose nickname is Piddle) I’m trying to find out why that’s his nickname.
My cousin who lives in Darwin is very good mates with his step dad.( Who played shield cricket for Tassie with Boony) I sent a shot of that photo and he confirmed it was him.


Our forward entries in VFL today… ouch its bad

Voss has taken two good marks in the wet. 2nd one 50m out, gets a 50 and converts