VFL practice match vs Werribee 2018-03-24

Welcome to the Most Magical Place in the (Under)World, Highgate Recreation Reserve.

As I wrote that, lightning struck about a kilometre away.


Excellent weather to be enjoying hot chips.

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Everyone is in the back row of the stand as the rain increases. The Hocking’s little dog is shivering, gets a blanket.

Tuck shop is open, but you have to go out in the rain to get to it.

The Charlie Browns came out for about a minute before returning to the rooms (because of that one bolt of lightning?)


I just don’t understand why the VFL can’t align with the AFL season… you know, like the TAC cup.


It is persisting down here. Ponds of water all over the ground. Clarke and Hocking are gonna enjoy this.

Lights are on, obviously.

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Only seen Hartley from the seniors, so far.

Teams come out at 12:02, now “warming up”. Not really a term that applies here, ever.

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Melbourne forecast (I know we’re not in Melbourne) says there should be a strong wind from the north. Thankfully, so far not.

Why are Essendon and Werribee playing at Cragieburn FFS?

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Mynott and Hocking both hit high at the first bounce. Mynott gets the free and kicks to the pool at CHF.

This is hilarious.

Charlie Browns get the first point. Has been at our end most of the time.


Why didn’t they close the roof?


Splash splash splash.

We have approx six on the bench.

Younan goals.


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Umps not paying anything (which is good). Last team standing wins.

Snap on the full for us.


Merrett gets a holding the ball free ten out, in a pack of twenty. Goal.


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A Younan smother leads to a Mynott goal.

18-1 @ 10 long minutes in

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