VFL - Round 1 vs Franga @ Franga, 2pm Sunday 7 April 2019

SkyBus Stadium – Frankston – live on Casey Radio

B: 59. A. Heppell, 36. M. Hartley, 41. B. McNiece
HB: 8. M. Gleeson, 14. J. Ridley, 39. T. Mynott
C: 24. J. Houlahan, 37. D. Clarke, 27. M. Redman
HF: 16. J. Begley, 28. M. Brown, 33. B. Ham
F: 46. T. Jok, 17. J. Stewart, 22. I. Mosquito

R: 38. S. Draper, 4. K. Langford, 77. H. Hocking

Int: 75. K. Aylett, 64. R. Connellan, 60. B. Fennell, 32. N. Gown, 62. N. Lazzaro, 79. J. McQueen, 65. E. Sibbald, 55. D. Younan

23P: 51. J. Brown

That is a freakin’ stacked side.



B: 14. L. Hiscock, 30. J. Miller, 6. L. Williams
HB: 8. A. Ferreira, 25. M. Williams, 2. J. Newman
C: 15. A. Jarnestrom, 5. W. Fordham, 22. G. Lok
HF: 12. B. Bailey, 1. D. Gordon, 11. B. Mullane
F: 35. R. D’Arcy, 24. M. McCarthy, 20. N. Scagliarini
R: 23. S. Alabakis , 9. N. Freeman, 3. C. Rich

Int: 29. N. Fahey, 17. A. Harnett, 19. C. Larkin, 34. J. McMahon, 13. A. Styles, 18. S. Tatupu, 36. J. Woodman

23P: 37. L. McDonnell

Now that’s what I call a football team.


Can these guys play tomorrow night instead?


Way more exciting than the firsts.


Rumours of Stewart’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

Would like to see Gawn at FF & Begley on the ball.


I actually prefer the VFL standard of football better.

Lot less congestion and because of that the skills are better.


Stewart is absolutely cooked when Clarke is getting a gig in the forward line ahead of him

Papers. Stamped.

Stewart has been injured.


All jokes aside this side would be more than competitive against the 1sts

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I didnt realise that. Named this week. Hopefully can string a few together

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Yeah, he hasn’t played the last two weeks.

Shoulder or something. Can’t remember.

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minor groin injury, missed the practice games

Give him a week or 2

Woosha doing Langers a favour, putting him back in a positive winning team environment to recover his confidence, what a pity the whole senior team can’t get a taste of this too.

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Langford might get Parish like numbers against this mob, straight back into the seniors next week haha

Geez that lineup looks good.

Clarke, Langford, Hocking on the ball.

Stewart, Brown, Begley, Mozzie Ham up forward
Redman on the wing
Gleeson and Ridley in Defence

100+ win.

If stewart can hit the scoreboard, he must be a chance to come in next week. Same with Mozzie.


Normally I hate it when the Franga gets broken.

This time I’m looking forward to it.

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Looks like cracking weather for it on Sunday also.

And they are likely to learn very little as a result. Especially when they are brought into a different position.

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More excited to see how this lineup goes more than the seniors. They’d be more than competitive against them too