VFL - Round 1 vs Franga @ Franga, 2pm Sunday 7 April 2019




Nino with the shot after the siren.

Misses, no 1000%… yet.


theres still a4th quarter?


Surely we can’t lose it from here?


I’m curious what the tackle differential is. We’ve sooo much time and space. There’s not even a threat of them getting a goal.


49 us to 44 them.

get the footy live app on ios or android, by far the best for footy.


Stewart in his running shoes. Done for the day.


Port Melbourne and Williamstown generally go deep into finals; Coburg, Frankston not so much.


I think Stewart is being rested. Didn’t cite him once in the 3rd quarter


Please kill them this last quarter. Don’t let them score.


are also really well run clubs.


Draper favouring rose gold coloured boots. Interesting.


Close game. We can get this back!




And probably have significantly more funds than either Coburg or Frankston

Willy and Port recruit very very well also


Draper2Langford to start the last quarter.


Brown lining up deep in the pocket…miss


Hocking with the old 1-2-3-4 leads to a Brown mark.

Jok made the intercept to start it.


Langford with 0 tackles isn’t exactly what he would have liked after being dropped


Brown poaches from 2m out for first goal of the quarter