VFL - Round 1 vs Franga @ Franga, 2pm Sunday 7 April 2019


They named Redman on a wing, is that where he predominantly played?

What positions did Jok and Ham play?

wouldn’t mind seeing Mynott in for Mutch


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Agreed, but Worsfold gonna Worsfold


Redman on a wing, moving forward to the flank. Jok ran through the middle a lot but really was all over the ground. Ham seemed to get most of his possessions at wing and half forward. All looked good but I reckon Redman is most AFL ready.


Worth noting that Frankston are terrible.

We played a very high press for much of the game. Good vocal instructions from Glees and Redman about positioning.

We slowed substantially late.


How was Begley today?

Begley was more than ok. The Essendon forward 50 resembled a Boxing Day sale for most of the second half as Frankston couldn’t find a way forward. Their mids and forwards drifted into our F50. That made it harder for us to execute our forward moves.

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Great work fellas. Loved the report all day.

I wonder how much we can read into the form given the profound lack of opposition.

I like the performances of Ham reckon we have a player here.

Awesome to hear Begley played well.
Ditto Draper Brown & Redman.

Brown seems logical to come into the side.

Despite the performance of Draper, the opposition seemed second perhaps even third rate, I would want him to absolutely dominate for a month before we consider him as an option. ZClark wasn’t bad all things considering imo. I’d be keeping him in the side for a run.

I want to see more fwd craft and contested ball from Draper before he is up for serious selection.

I would like Ham & Mozzie to be considered for selection soonish. Speed kills play our natural game & these guys will only add to it. Not both, perhaps just one to allow Fantasia to play in the guts & wing the way he did in the Dees game at times. Honestly, the Dees just couldn’t handle our run & spread on the outside & our movement on the larger MCG was a massive factor.

Naturally I’d have brown in for Smack.

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Despite the score line I actually thought the Frankston ruckman, a big kid, kept Draper on his toes and pushed him hard most of the time. Draper is impressively mobile and happy to mix it when the ball is on the ground. He’s got a bit of meat on him and I reckon another preseason will ensure the heavier opponents won’t monster him too easily.

Ok, on the train so some time to do a write up. Firstly, as @saladin said, Frankston are terrible. They didn’t score from partway through the first quarter until we took the foot off in the last. It would be hard to find an Essendon player who didn’t look good. So with that in mind, I’m only going to focus on the stand outs and those who pique the interest.

So the clear drivers of the win for me was our midfield core and the HB line. Draper was exceptional and clearly BOG for me. He’s not the finished product but he’s very good. Marks, goals and hit outs. Clarke, Mynott and Langford were all a class above. Clarke and Mynott ripped them apart in the first, when we put the game to bed.

We only played Hartley as a tall defender, so we had about 7-8 small to medium defenders rotate through during the match. Up to the last this line controlled the game, often due to outnumbering and good positioning. The stand outs for me were #62, Redman and Hams. Hams and Redman especially broke the lines repeatedly. Gleeson’s disposal was also damaging and McNeice was surprisingly strong in the air.

Up forward it was a feast. Stewart was the stand out, dominating for the short period he was on the ground. Brown poached a number, Houlihan finally showed something and Begs was good.

A few others:

  • Mozzie: amazing hands, rubbish disposal. Nowhere near our bests. Some very exciting signs, but don’t get fooled by the hype that he’s ready.
  • Jok: I was very impressed. Played wing/sweeper and ran hard all day. Generally used it decently, and lots of intercepts. Not in my bests but very nice signs.

Senior selection
I don’t know why Stewart was off, but he was dominant while on. Would be an obvious in for McKernan. Otherwise Brown.

Any of Clarke, Mynott, Langford or Redman could come in for Mutch.

I’d drop s ruck (maybe Belly) for Draper.


#62 is Nino Lazzarro I believe, 19/20yo 23rd man. A draft chance.


Ham played off the back line and Mozzie is nowhere near ready. He has exciting moments but not enough of them and his disposal was diabolical. He also looked stuffed off limited minutes.

He’s a fantastic prospect and I’m a little staggered Hawthorn didn’t bid on him, but I doubt you will see him in the firsts in 2019.

Of course, I’ve only seen him this once.


Lazarro is a very good player. Not the first time I have seen him and been impressed. Although he is another inbetween sizer, maybe similar to Ridley.

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He has got good athleticism though and should be able to play on smaller type forwards as well as mediums.

He was absolutely deplorable.


Any chance of finding Nino a spot on the senior list?

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There’s already 1 too many Ninos for this Forum to handle


Nah Wrong.

We actually won more clearances when he Rucked in the middle.