VFL - Round 1 vs Franga @ Franga, 2pm Sunday 7 April 2019

Standing behind the fence as the players warmed up with my daughter with me…Said hello to DJR and got nothing.

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Was he laughing?


Streamed out of the centre in the 2nd before almost stumbling and kicking…ball bounced into Browns arms lucky enough

yes a lot to like indeed
Ham gets a game soon i hope

I like Nino but only as a rookie option. His kicking needs a bit of work in my opinion.

The Irishman impressed me today.

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Say what? He was a late out.

We sooo getting fined…


I don’t want that piece of crap ruining VFL umpiring.

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I like Nino but only as a rookie option. His kicking needs a bit of work in my opinion.

if his kicking was 40 per cent better he could make it


He’s a bundle of energy and impacts the contest but too often ruins his good work by rushing his kicks.

Simething there though.

Except Mr Noonan you cannot divide by zero.


We all were in the end.

DP joined on the leg joke. & we ran with it for a bit.

Little fella is quite the comic.

Spoke to Crowey too, he backed it up. I asked about Kobes hammie, “12 weeks mate, that’s a barstard. Off the bone?”

Thankfully the answer was no, just a really bad and high one, right up in the buttock. Going to take a while to heal.

I put the question to him I saw on Blitz, as to why it had happened. Not warmed up enough, too much training, not enough, … I said I thought it’s just one of those things that can happen first game into the seniors and you suddenly just push that bit harder??

He said that was a possibility, but it was more the position he got himself into bending over the ball and then turning awkwardly while the thing was at full stretch.

Then we collectively lamented for Smack doing his.

He seemed just as devastated as Blitz is that he got zapped again when hitting form.


Great weekend for the club.
AFL victory
E-sports premiership
100+ point win for the VFL team


Next you’ll tell me there’s no square root of -1.


Stop making up imaginary stuff!

P.S. I don’t think @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS is going to understand that joke.


Also FCFC lost, Collingwood lost, Richmond lost, SluGordon lost, unfortunately the Hawks won but the silver lining was that Norf lost


Langer’s got it 25 times but I didn’t feel it was overly damaging. His midfield impact is usually finding team mates and putting them into space. Today was a lot more scrappy, inside handballs that often stayed inside the congestion. But he did get hands on the footy so that’s a positive.

Draper’s game I found hard to rate, simply because the opposition wasn’t great. Kicked a goal out the throw in in the third with embarrassing ease, moved his opponent under the ball with minimal contact. I’d prefer him to Clarke though, this kid can play.


To be honest I think thats exactly what he needs to develop in his game.

That sounds like a good thing :slight_smile:

Not sure I could even define that joke, … :smirk:

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Too complex?

It was @Bacchusfox I was digging at. I don’t even think he could evaluate e to the power (i times pi) + 1. It would mean nothing to him.


Draper has clocked the VFL he needs a new challenge.